Frequently Asked Questions

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    2. Have a complete profile, update with your current career details, complete education and profile picture / video. Update your profile now
    3. Be a premium member, so to stay on top of search results for other members looking for you. Know more about the Premium plans here

  • We hope that you will find your perfect partner at the earliest. Good things shouldn't wait, shouldn't it?
    But since we understand that we are not looking for any person, but your Perfect life partner for the most important and the longest journey in your life, we shouldn't just hurry and pick someone, right?. So let's take our time, try to understand your matches better, and then make the best decision.

    However, you could feel a bit confused or lost in the search; if so, you can get the support of a designated relationship manager by choosing a VIP package, you get a real person who will be there as your friend to help you with the search and shortlisting.

    Here are some tips that could help you find your life partner quicker.

    Start Easy: Don't start your search with too many filters if you are not so strict about the requirements. It's usually a good idea to begin by searching all profiles that appear in your New matches list, as they have been sorted based on the details in your profile and the list of Mutual matches. Mutual matches are those matches where both you and the match shown suits the expectations of each other.

    Don't Delay:: If you find a profile you like, and you think that person could be "The One," Contact them at the earliest to let them know of your interest. Or at the least, Send interest to them, to let them know that you would like to take things further. If you are not so sure about this person and would like to take some time to think over it, you can simply Shortlist them. You can always see them later in the list of your shortlisted profiles from your matches section. This is an easy way to get back to the profile without having to search all over again.

    Gradually tighten your criteria: Suppose some too many members match your loose criteria. In that case, you may start narrowing down the results by using the advanced search options, listing the requirements which are important to you, like, country, ethnicity, and religion.

    We always suggest you know in detail about a person before sharing any critical confidential information and always follow internet safety procedures.

  • You should get a Happywedding Assist plan if you fall in one or more of the below categories.

         • You like to speed up the journey and want to find your partner very soon.
         • You have a hectic life and don’t have time to browse through the new matches joining the site every day.
         • You have entrusted the critical duty of your partner search to your dear parents, who might not be technically savvy enough to search and browse the new matches.
         • You need a friend who would stand with you to keep you informed when a suitable match joins the platform and help you in identifying and contacting other members.
        Get HappyWedding Assist Now

  • As we understand, for deciding if a person would be a suitable partner for you or not, we need to know in detail about that person, not just about their education, and career. We need to know about their ambitions, likes, dislikes, and whatever more possible to understand the person behind the profile we see. As you agree, a person is much more than the little details mentioned on their profile. We are trying to let you know a glimpse of their personality by Knowing them better, so you can make a more informed decision on your choice.
    Help others to Know YOU better too. You need to answer only those questions which you are comfortable answering, totally as per your wish.
    Update your profile now

  • It's simple. Sign up Now to create your profile now.

    Enter your profile details (the more information, the better) and authenticate your profile with your mail ID and phone number. That's it. Further, you would receive a verification call from our Happy wedding agent who would ask you some verification questions, and after that your account is active. You can send interest to any other profile only once your verification is complete

  • You can click here and have a look at our packages and decide for yourself. The packages differ based on the validity period, the number of contacts you can view, and the availability of a designated relationship manager. Choose one plan that suits you best, and you can always upgrade to any other plan by contacting our Happy wedding agents.

  • First of all, our matchmaking system is impeccable! The technologies used will not test your patience. We make sure that all the profiles registered with us are genuine profiles by doing a strenuous inquiry regularly. We do a stringent verification on every profile created in our platform before they are displayed to you.

    Also we make sure that nobody invades your privacy by getting your contact details.

  • There will be a dashboard you can access once you log in. Matches will be displayed there based on the preferences you have entered. However, if you wish to do a manual search, that's possible too. You can narrow down the search by going for an advanced search by setting your specific preferences if you are one of our paid members.

  • There is a notification icon on the top, and you can also see them in your dashboard under "Liked me" section.

  • There are three options - Normal filter, advanced filters, ID search, and Keyword search. In a normal filter, you can search matches based on some basic parameters like country, nationality etc. However in advanced filter option, you can narrow down your search results based on their profession, education etc. (Advanced filter is a premium function). In ID search you can enter a particular Happy wedding ID and search.You can go for an advanced search by setting your specific preferences too, if you are a premium plan member.

  • First, you have to send your interest to the profile that you are interested in. That person's name will be listed in your Chatbox section. If you are a premium member, you can immediately send them a message in their chat box to start talking to this person. However if you are a free member, you won't be able to chat with this person unless you upgrade, or the other member is a premium member and decides to have a conversation with you.

  • Yes, you can block a person by visiting that members profile and clicking Block from that page. Once you block a profile, you will go completely invisible to them. They will not be able to see you in their matches or in the search results. And surely that member will not be able to contact you or message you in any manner.

  • It's so simple. Go to the plans page and you will be able to see the different plans and their validity. Choose your desired plan and do the payment. Voila! That's it. You can also contact our happy wedding agent to help you with this.

  • The moment you make the payment, a computer-generated invoice will be sent to you via email.

  • Yes, you can! In your dashboard, there is a section of My interests where you can see the profiles that you have visited earlier

  • Once you block a particular person, you go completely invisible. That is like you don't exist at all on this platform, but only for that particular person.

  • Yes, we assure you that the payment gateway on our website is absolutely secure and one of the best in its class.

  • Of course, we have! Please contact our Happy wedding agent and he will fill up all the details for you.

  • Yes. You will have an option to check your horoscope matching with any of your preferred profiles by being a Premium Plan by clicking here. You can contact one of our HW agents for more details.

  • You can also do account transfer. For further details please contact us here or call us or whatsapp us on +91 89430 00723

  • Yes you can. You can message any member though our chat window if you are a premium member.

  • Yes. You can. There will be a “Matches near you” listing in your dashboard which will showcase profiles near your location.

  • We have different packages to suit you. Click here and find out how they differ.