How to make a Perfect Marriage Biodata

02 Jun 2020

When you start searching for your partner by registering your profile on a matrimonial website, there are few things to be remembered. For arranged marriages, a biodata is prepared that outlines the characteristics of the person who is getting ready for the marriage. To make a biodata perfect is not an easy thing to do.

It has to be done carefully as it summarises the key features of the man or the woman who is looking to get married. The biodata serves as a means to provide a formal introduction including name, age, date of birth, religion/caste, names and professions of parents, education, profession, salary, and expectations.

Important things to be included in Marriage Biodata

How to make a Perfect Marriage Biodata

A marriage biodata can be considered as a formal document as you are bound to scribble only the facts. The purpose of creating biodata is to provide enough and rightful information for prospective matches to choose one’s life partner.

People often create profiles as per their understanding and hence there may be few errors while generating these profiles.

When someone starts searching his/her partner, most of them will require basic details like job, family background, income as well as horoscope match.

Though this information is considered basic, some people often include other details like personality, lifestyle, and interests.

Check out the complete list of information that you can add in your Marriage Biodata

(1) Personal Data

marriage biodata template

  • Photograph
  • Your Name
  • Your Age
  • DOB (Date of Birth)
  • Your Height
  • Body type
  • Educational Qualification
  • Profession
  • Income (Include salary details if possible)
  • Your Habits (Includes food habit as well as others)
  • Lifestyle

(2) Religious Data

template for marriage biodata

  • Religion
  • Caste / Sub-Caste

(3) Location Information

How to make a Perfect Marriage Biodata

  • Current location

(4) Family Details

How to make a Perfect Marriage Biodata - sample of marriage biodata

  • Name of Father/Mother
  • Profession of Parents
  • Sibling Details
  • Family Type and Status

(5) Horoscope Data

sample of marriage biodata

  • Horoscope details (For Hindus)
  • Religious practices such as Haj, Namaz, Dress (For Muslims)
  • Name of the church (For Christians)

Above all such information, what you should focus importantly is the partner preference. Describe about age group and other details including height, weight, caste, sub-caste, educational/professional qualification and habits.

Steps involved in creating Marriage Biodata

marriage biodata format

First Step

Use Word document to create your profile. You can use other similar licensed application to create the biodata.

Second Step

Write in detail about yourself. It includes

  • Name
  • Age (Date, Month & Year)
  • Height (In inches)
  • Religion, Caste, Sub-Caste
  • Current Location (City/Town)
  • Status (Single/Divorced)
  • Contact Number (Mobile number is preferred)
  • Email Address

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Third Step

Those who search your profile will surely look in to your educational as well as professional background. Such details should be clearly mentioned on your biodata.

For instance,

Educational Qualification

  • Degree (Bachelor’s/Master’s degree)
  • From (which university)

Professional Background

  • Which company are you currently working in?
  • Your job description
  • Your salary (per month or year)

Fourth Step

Write in detail about your family background. The one who searches your biodata will enquire about your family status and background. So, it is important to include such details.

Include your parents name as well as the details about your siblings (if any). Describing about the professional background of your parents may add more value to the profile.

Fifth Step

Hindus prefer to have horoscope details in their biodata while Muslims and Christians would prefer some other religious details. So, it would be better to add such preferred details including horoscope match and other relevant information on your profile.

How important is Marriage Biodata?

How to make a Perfect Marriage Biodata

Marriage biodata is the real beauty of arranged marriages. It’s because you are exposing all the details for others to analyze and contact you if they are interested in your profile. Since all your details are visibly available on the profile, people don’t have to enquire much and ask for more details.

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Have you heard about Profile Sharing?

Once you have created your marriage biodata, you can now share it with your friends or relatives through the profile sharing option that we enable for you.

By doing so it is now easy to share your profile to your loved ones to advertise it through social media and other platforms.