15 Best Wedding Drinks for your Wedding & Reception

01 Dec 2020

Everything is set for your wedding, from your wedding attire to venue, décor to flowers, and more. Once all these are settled for that auspicious moment, what else do you need? It’s nothing but the food you serve. Among the delicious choices, the first one that delights your taste buds is the signature wedding drinks with tasty seasonal flavors. Let the guests savor these tastes when you get in to a new life.

  1. Lime Juice – That Special Ordinary Flavorwedding drinks

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Lime is an unavoidable presence during any wedding occasion because the delicious tinge is enough to quench your thirst. After having an extended feast, each and everyone obviously looks for something that helps digestion and ginger-lime is the best option that you can offer.

2. Watermelon Refresherwedding cocktails

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While you celebrate a summer wedding ceremony, it’s better to think about something cool. And for that, include watermelon in your cocktail recipe. It would be nice to make a healthy blend like strawberry-watermelon combo adding flavors like ginger and lime.

3. Blueberry Mojitowedding drinks

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Have something bluish with this “Blueberry Mojito”. Classic mojitos are usual and adding blueberry gives a special palate with its fruity splendor.

4. Champagne & Fruitwedding cocktails for wedding

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Champagnes are celebration cocktails and it’s a signature drink. People would like to have it for the pleasure it offers. Make it even more special by adding slices of fruits like blueberry or soaked pears to get an assorted flavor.

5. Margarita Brilliancewedding drinks for wedding

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This Mexican cocktail lets you enjoy the party with more fun and pleasure. Margarita induces happiness with a mix of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Shake it well and you will surely get enthralled.

6. Love the Lavenderwedding drinks for reception

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Lavender is absolutely perfect if you love to getting married in the Spring. Fill champagne along with other flavors and excite your guests. It would be even more interesting if you can get draped with lavender-colored wedding attire.

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This one stands out from the rest. You may have the option to savor the deliciousness of myriad cocktail varieties. But once you get stuck with the pineapple crush, you will go for it. Don’t forget to muddle lime before adding pineapple. Feel the taste.

8. Cokeswedding drinks

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This is a time where coke-themed weddings are celebrated. Cokes once won our hearts with its striking taste that is still popular, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies. People deliberately ask for cokes to have fun. Adding Rum makes it even more special.

9. Martiniwedding drinks

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There are Black and White Martini varieties. It’s your elegant wedding affair and hence go for a Martini sip straight up with olive stirrers.

10. Raspberry Fizzwedding drinks for kids

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Do you want to feel fruitier?

Try out this pretty pink cocktail and let your guests get excited. The drink is loaded with fresh rhubarb, raspberries, and vanilla bean.

11. Amazing Apple Mixwedding drinks for kids

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The pungent apple flavor delights your taste buds and helps you enjoy your quality time. Try Appy Fizz, known to be the champagne among fruit drinks. It offers a refreshing taste that you can’t miss out.

12. Grape Fruit Mimosaswedding drinks for kids

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This grapefruit flavor is perfect for those daytime weddings. In fact, these wedding drinks are good when you have brunch. If you don’t need Orange or Pineapple juice, include the grapefruit juice in your list and make those mimosas pink.

13. Strawberry Cachacawedding drinks for kids

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Strawberry sweetness is incomparable. These wedding drinks are pretty to sip. The blend of muddled strawberry with cane sugar and cachaca with liquor added is enough to satisfy your thirst for ecstasy.

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14. Orange Cocktailwedding drinks for kids

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The screwdriver is an ultimate brunch drink and one of the very famous orange juice cocktails. This is so refreshing and tasty.

15. Caribbean mistwedding drinks

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This one is perfect when you arrange a destination wedding because the drink is made with the inspiration it lures from the deep blue sea.

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