18 Trendy Wedding Dress for Groom For Their Perfect Wedding

21 Nov 2020

Grooms always wish to wear something special and unique on their wedding day. In India, each and every wedding event are not just a ceremony, but celebrations of that long and enduring cultural traditions as well. And hence, the grooms and the brides are obviously hauled to perform such ritualistic practices by wearing only traditional wedding attire.

However, it’s a fact that not all men prefer to get dressed in classic and traditional attire. They would like to bring in some sort of uniqueness in their wedding dress. Tuxedos and suits are usually the common choices which grooms like to have, especially those shades of black, dark blue, or gray. To think and act differently some grooms would often choose brighter hues with conservative color shades.

No Matter What Happens, Kerala’s Traditional Wedding Attire Won’t Change

The traditional Kerala Hindu Wedding boasts of the cultural as well as the religious significance that it holds. This traditional aspect is well defined in the wedding attire of the bride and the groom. Whatever changes happen all around, Kerala grooms, especially in Hindu marriages, prefer to wear conventional wedding attire. The Silk shirt and dhoti hold their own significance in such marriages and you can see that in every Kerala Hindu wedding ceremony.

Now, let’s see how the trend has changed when it comes to choosing wedding attire for the grooms. Here is a list of attire that grooms often pick to make their special day even more interesting and exciting.

1. Suits – Mostly Red & Bluegroom wedding attire

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Truly, this is a classic combo and the groom will shine in this wedding attire. It is perfectly organized and fit enough for the one who is all set for his marriage.

2. Green & Blackgroom wedding dress

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This perfectly designed suit with black inflections would give an imperial look for the groom to make the marriage a confident affair.

3. Red & White Suitwedding dress for groom

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This one stylish option that the bride can opt for. Pairing Red with White gives you an elegant look to shine throughout the marriage.

4. How about being ‘Floral’?Groom wedding costume

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Try out something unique. This traditional color lets you shine by adding enough floral prints. Show your attitude.

5. Black & Blue Tuxwedding attire for groom

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Be royal by wearing that black jacket with a blue lapel. The white shirt you wear inside highlights the elegance of this wedding attire.

6. Dark Attirewedding dress for groom

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Grooms usually won’t prefer dark shades on their auspicious day, but what about dark attire that offers you a stunning appearance. Have a look at this.

7. White & Redwedding attire for men

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It’s a fact that White matches with any other color. Also, it’s your bold choice. Try pairing a white jacket with vibrant colors.

8. Go With Deep Bluewedding dress for boys

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This is cool for the summer season. Wear a crew blazer with a darker blue pair of pants. Be cool.

9. Velvet Green Jacketgroom wedding dress

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Love Velvet Green? Wear this green jacket at your auspicious moment. Maybe it is not a conventional choice, but it gives you a perfect look.

10. Brown is Betterwedding dress for men

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Wearing Brown at your wedding is less common. Just try. It will work for sure. Make sure that you have a tie as well.

11. Link with Pinkwedding dress for men

Image Courtesy: meredithcorp

Pink is not only for women. In fact, men should actually wear pink as well. Now, look at this bride. How about this wedding attire?

12. Elegant Emerald Greenwedding dress for men

Image Courtesy: pinimg

It’s difficult to find any groom with green wedding attire. Why you are hesitant towards this specific and unique shade. Go for Green.

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13. Brighten with Bluewedding dress for boy

Image Courtesy: meredithcorp

It’s true that Blue is the warmest color. Have a look at this groom who is happy with his fine Blue suit with a multi-color tie.

14. Winter Suitswedding dress for men

Image Courtesy: weddingomania

If you are planning your wedding in the winter season, go for this winter wedding suit. It’s comfy and makes you a perfect groom.

15. Traditional Indian Wedding Attirewedding dress

Image Courtesy: pinimg

Sherwani is a popular and favorite wedding attire that Indian grooms love to wear. And there are lots of designer Sherwanis set for Indian grooms to rock their wedding.

17. Complementary Velvet Jacketsgrooms wedding attire

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Complement your wedding attire with vibrant velvet jackets and be stylish on your wedding day.

18. Plain Red SuitGrooms wedding attire

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This one is another stylish option for grooms to shine on your wedding. Try it as Red wedding attire completely makes you a perfect groom.

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