How to stay happily married? Do these 10 things every day

31 Dec 2020

Married life is one of the most beautiful moments in your life, which you can consider a great blessing.

Do you know why?

Because in our lives, family comes first. Everyone needs to have a family of their own, their own little world in this big wide world, as it helps them attain the much-needed contentment they wish to have in their lives. For that, let the basic beliefs and principles of good love fall by the wayside. And you don’t let yourself be that lazy partner. Keep that liveliness throughout and stay married happily. Let’s check what you need to do to stay happily married.


  1. Accept your partner as they areHow to stay happily, married?

Acceptance is not just recognizing each other, but it is something fundamental that you should practice in your married life.

You have to accept your partner in the way they are, not the way you expect them to be. Maybe your partner is not good at expressing romantic gestures, or he/she hardly does what you really expect. But you still accept your partner because deep inside, you have some good reasons why you chose your partner in the first place.

Accept him/her for what they excel at and never try to ridicule them for what they are not good at!. After all, love sees no faults.

  1. Learn to ForgiveHow to stay happily, married?

It is the best thing you can offer to your beloved one.

To forgive is a great sign of kindness. Forgive your partner for the faults and errors they make.

Nobody is perfect, and you know that. If they annoy you, it could be purely out of love or out of their weakness, about which you need to talk to them at a good time and make them understand why you consider their behavior or any action as wrong.

When you forgive, you give them a chance to better themselves and make yourself and your family happy.

  1. Learn to listenHow to stay happily, married?

Good listening makes good relationships. Never find this as the hardest thing. Just listen to whatever your partner has to speak, no matter if it’s significant or not.

Every day, keep some time asking each other questions about their day and other things in general and listening to their answers.

Keep in mind that listening also means something which you don’t always want to hear. Listen to all the good and bad kinds of stuff to make the relationship stronger and better understand each other.

  1. Kind GesturesHow to stay happily, married?

Keep yourself enriched with good gestures. Because making kind gestures is one essential thing to do to stay married.

Appreciate your partner for what he/she does, whether it’s making a sweet coffee or cleaning up the house or saying she looks pretty or he looks handsome. Even smaller gestures add so much to our close relationships.

  1. Touch or Physical intimacyHow to stay happily, married?

Touch your partner every day because physical intimacy is so vital, especially in marital relationships.

It lets your intimacy grow. Hold their hands. Rub gently and talk whatever you want. Make your partner feel that you’re there for each other, literally. Also, kissing your spouse is a best way to express your love. Kiss passionately and start the day happily. A kiss can heal a lot of things.

  1. Put the mobile awayHow to stay happily, married?

Keep your mobile phone away, at least for one hour daily, and spare the time for your partner. Not only mobiles, but you can put away all tech-related objects. Keep yourself away from all social media platforms and get some quality time with your partner.

  1. ApologizeHow to stay happily, married?

Like said earlier, we all are humans, and mistakes are common. Nobody is perfect, though. When you mess up at any point, apologize. Never feel ashamed because you are apologizing to your partner, your soulmate. Share your flaws and be honest always.

  1. Laugh LoudHow to stay happily, married?

The world is growing faster, and nobody has enough time even to laugh with their hearts. In a happy married life, what you should learn is the art of smiling at the joyful little things in life.

Laugh out loud with your partner. There are countless happenings in and around you. Pick your choice and laugh as much as you can. Share moments of humor; having a moment to laugh out together can greatly improve your relationships.

  1. Go for a dateHow to stay happily, married?

Sometimes, once you both are into the routine chaos of normal life, you might lose the enthusiasm and wouldn’t have the time or interest to dress up and go for a formal date.

Going for a date before and after marriage actually differ. The date after marriage helps you grow the relationship to the next level. By doing so, you’re experiencing something new. It also gives you a moment to look back at the person you fell in love with and the journey you have made together. You can also get indulged in a wide range of exciting activities and try to keep the romance alive.

10. Pray together

It is normally said that the couples who pray together stay together. Because when we pray together, we expose ourselves to our desires and weakness and pray as a team to overcome the obstacles that we face.

It helps your partner understand what genuinely matters to you or what disturbs you, and you also would get a chance to understand what your partner wishes for. – the best matrimonial website that helps you to get married.How to stay happily, married?

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