27 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes No one Warns You About

21 Aug 2020

Would you like to have a perfect wedding ceremony without any wedding planning mistakes? Well, it’s a tough question to be answered. To enjoy a smooth wedding without any flaws, you need to have a perfect plan first. Although you have a meticulous plan, there might be a few things that would go wrong. A marriage without complaints can hardly be imagined, especially when it comes to Indian wedding ceremonies. Now, it’s time for us to have a look on some of the most common wedding planning mistakes no one warns you about. Read it carefully as it may help you in the near future.

  1. Not having Enough Budgetwedding mistakes

Not having enough budget is the first and foremost wedding planning mistake you make. Plan the budget months before the wedding and confirm the amount that you are wiling to spend. It’s quite natural for the budget to go beyond your expectation, but don’t make it too high. It would be better if both the families (bride’s and the groom’s) set off a discussion on budgets.

  1. Missing out the guest listwedding mistakes

No one can imagine Indian weddings without all the friends and family members in attendance. And that’s the most common wedding planning mistake couples make. Prepare your guests list properly so that you can set the menu and the venue accordingly.

  1. Booking the Venue

wedding mistakes

Booking an inaccessible venue is considered another wedding planning mistake you make. The venue may look undeniably spectacular, but if it is too far for the guests to reach for the wedding ceremony, things get worse. People, especially senior citizens often go for weddings that happens at nearby venues. So, it’s better to avoid inaccessible venues.

  1. Facilities at the Venue

wedding mistakes

These wedding planning mistakes come after booking the venue. Check whether the wedding venue you booked has the much-needed amenities such as washrooms. This should be noted especially when you book either parks or community halls other than luxury hotels and lavish banquets. Don’t let your guests to get fresh at such uncanny places.

  1. Not searching deep to avail discountswedding mistakes

Unlike the past, we have now the option to avail the best with cashback and discounts which in turn will help you save unwanted costs in a marriage. So, to avoid another wedding planning mistake, have a deep search and check whether if there is any possible discount available with the vendors while you make any online purchase.

  1. Spending too much for trivial thingswedding mistakes

It’s better not to spend too much on silly things. True that a few little things really matter. But spending too much on them will surely drain your budget. Make a little homework before spending on little things.

  1. Acting too much to please others; especially those relativeswedding mistakes

Seeking advice and ideas from your relatives and friends are good to an extent. At the end of the day, you are the deciding factor and the final decision should be yours. Keep in mind that it’s your wedding and you should enjoy every moment.

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  1. Depending Too much on Parents

Each and every parent will obviously do the best for their children when it comes to marriages and they try not to make any wedding planning mistakes from any side. They will definitely spend money for you, but it’s better not to depend on them too much. It’s because you cannot expect them to satisfy all your wedding wishes. You and your partner may have different kind of fancies which might be unknown to your parents.

  1. Choosing vendors who are too busywedding planning mistakes

If you are planning to get married, especially during any peak wedding season, chances are there your vendor may have taken too many wedding orders. Before selecting the vendor, make sure that you will be getting individual attention. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to manage all the things. Tell your vendor what you need in detail. If they cannot pay you individual attention, cancel them and go for others.

  1. Don’t interfere on your vendor’s workwedding planning mistakes

Once a vendor is fixed and you think the team is perfect, then try not to interfere in their work. Let them do it with perfection. They are experienced and skilled personnel and they don’t need any of your advice. So better keep distance from them. Tell them your needs only.

  1. Lack of back upwedding planning mistakes

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you should have a proper backup plan. For instance, if there is any outdoor party you set as part of the wedding and the weather condition is not ok, what would you do? Plan it well and execute.

  1. Last-minute demandswedding planning mistakes

This happens often when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Why are you waiting for last-minute bookings, be it vendors or some others? Don’t make this wedding planning mistake as it costs you twice or thrice more than the actual cost you expected. Book in advance and save your money.

  1. Mistakes in Shoppingwedding planning mistakes

While you shop for your wedding ceremony, spend a little more time. Don’t rush for things. Take your own time and choose the best that too at affordable rates. It’s your wedding and you should look gorgeous. Never get stuck with one shopping destination. Instead, look for the best deal where you can find a stunning collection of wedding accessories.

  1. Too Much Time to Make Decisionwedding planning mistakes

Weddings are planned months before and hence you have enough time to plan it well. Don’t plan it too early and don’t make it delayed. If you would like to book a particular venue for the wedding, chances are there someone else might have already booked it. In such cases, you need to act fast.

  1. Don’t consider your Partner’s Ideaswedding planning mistakes

When you are getting ready for your marriage, keep in mind that it is not only yours, but your partner’s as well. Let your partner disclose with you the idea that he/she has. Maybe it would make your wedding celebration even more attractive than you think. Not considering your partner’s ideas may some times lead to small fights that is enough to spoil the mood.

  1. Don’t play a Multi-taskerwedding planning mistakes

Well, it’s understood that it is your marriage. Juggling too many things single-handedly cannot be tolerated. Handover some responsibilities to your family members, especially to your cousins and they will do the rest.

  1. Being Over-Dependentwedding planning mistakes

As we said, it is a nice idea to delegate family members to perform a few tasks. But don’t be over-reliant on others. Nobody can help you with your spa treatment. So, just keep this point in your mind.

  1. Inviting that problematic relativewedding planning mistakes

One of the most common Wedding Planning mistakes made by everyone.

Be very cautious when you invite guests. Better avoid those problems causing relatives, ex’s and others such as foes who were once friends. If you want to enjoy your special day, it is better to avoid having them at your marriage celebrations.

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  1. Lack of transportation facilitywedding planning mistakes

Lack of proper transportation facility is a major wedding planning mistake. On your wedding day, you need to arrange transportation not only for you, but for the guests as well.

You don’t know who is going to stay at your home and who are not. So, to reach the wedding venue, you should arrange a better transportation facility that everyone would appreciate. Keep in touch with the most affordable travel agencies.

  1. Don’t be too flexible in expenseswedding planning mistakes

During the planning of your marriage, don’t be too flexible, especially when it comes to spending money. Your relatives and friends will come up with lots of suggestions and ideas. What you should keep in mind that you don’t have to cater what others suggest. Do things as per your wish.

  1. Not Sparing a Room at the Venuewedding planning mistakes

Don’t forget to spare a room especially for you, especially for the bride. You can keep things there and also you can get relaxed before and after the marriage ceremony.

  1. Forgetting to Drink and Eatwedding planning mistakes

Please note that wedding is a long process and there is less chance for you to get time for having food and drinks. Forgetting to drink leads to dehydration and you will feel exhausted. Don’t keep yourself hungry. Eat as much as you can.

  1. Poor décorwedding planning mistakes

Just imagine everything related to your wedding goes well and the decoration part seems a little bit tedious. This is the major wedding planning mistake that happens often. In fact, it’s up to your vendor, but you also have to take care of the décor part without fail.

  1. Forgetting to Send Wedding Cardswedding planning mistakes

If you think it’s all set, just think again. You might have missed any of your bestie. Check whether you have sent your wedding card or save the date card to your friends. Ring them again at least two days before your marriage.

  1. Losing too much weightwedding planning mistakes

Many brides try to lose their weight before marriage. They think they will lose weight and hence they order wedding dresses in smaller sizes. And if the diet crashes, you will not lose weight and you can’t wear the dress you ordered. So don’t bother about your physique, instead, be happy.

  1. Get boozed a day before the bachelor partywedding planning mistakes

All the grooms out there, try to celebrate the bachelor party at least two days before the wedding. If you fix it a day before the wedding, you will get exhausted. If so, keep your alcohol levels in check.

  1. Sharing your Wedding Detailswedding planning mistakes

Never try to share any of your wedding plans with anyone, especially on social networking sites. A little suspense makes the wedding better, isn’t it?  Let the guests get enthralled with what you have in store. Make the day a memorable one.

When you plan your wedding, keep all these things in mind. But, before you plan, you must find your partner first, right? Register your profile free with and choose your soulmate. Once you find your partner let us start the most interesting wedding plan without mistakes.