Why I am Still Single?

11 Dec 2020

Some people are like that. They choose to be single because they are never interested in a serious relationship. But some others are not like that. They remain single due to certain circumstances of their lives. It may be because they have experienced any bitterness in their life or they haven’t yet found someone whom they think is their compatible partner.

Most of us may not be serious about relationships in the early phase of our life and our priorities differ. However, people who are above 30, will seriously think about that puzzling question, “Why I am still single?”

It’s because this is the time when they seriously think about being in a relationship to get rid of that awful loneliness.

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Being in a Relationship Makes you StrongerRelationship

What do you think about relationships?

Well, it’s a debatable concept and yes, the answers also differ from individual to individual.

When you date someone, or when you are in a serious affair, make sure that you are true to your feelings and respect your partner’s emotions too.

Never make your partner just a passing cloud in your life. And you will be able to obtain more power over our romantic destiny that makes you strong. In fact, the world we live in is what we create with our own consciousness.

If I’m so amazing, why am I still single?Why-I-am-Still-Single

In fact, this question is something that worries many people.

It’s up to you and of course, you can make choices as well. And that’s why we insist you be a goal-directed person to achieve what you need rather than being a victim.

Every person is different and what we scribble here might not apply to you. Let’s check why some among us are still single.

  1. Because You are UncertainWhy-I-am-Still-Single

Never be ambivalent because you will always be confused even if you are in a serious relationship.

You may go for several dates before marriage, but still, consciously or subconsciously, you will be wondering whether is it better for you to remain single. This will lead to conflicts in your inner-self leading to trouble and making the relationship fragile.

There are a lot of other things that may divert you from enjoying the relationship.

Sometimes you think that the affair will limit your career or you may have to compromise too much. And sometimes, you think that you can be miserable or it will affect your freedom.

  1. Because You are Not Patient EnoughWhy-I-am-Still-Single

Patience really matters when you are in a serious relationship.

You have to exactly know what you really need and then only you can achieve success whether it is financial, professional, or physical.

Finding a true relationship is also like that. It entails balance of patience and persistence. A proper balance between these emotions may help you to a greater extent when it comes to relationships instead of going through panic, desperation and anxiety. So, be patient and let things come to you.

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  1. Because You Have Low Self-Esteem

This problem exists in many people. They want a rewarding relationship and simultaneously they think that no one would be interested in them.

In fact, we ourselves are our true critics. But too much of it may lead to chaos.

You need to develop that self-esteem, ignoring the inner critical voices. You may be fat, old, and ugly (in other’s view).

You just ignore it and let people get attracted to you with your skills, especially your behavioral skills. Lack of confidence may block you from finding the potential partner you have been searching for. Let the doors of happiness open for you by enhancing your self-esteem.

  1. Because of Your BeliefsWhy-I-am-Still-Single

You truly want a healthy and lovable relationship, but something pulls you back.

Well, it may be your beliefs.

Keep in mind that what you adamantly believe will create your real world.

And if you believe that you will never find that prospected match, then you are not going to find him/her.

Let’s change your insentient beliefs and try finding the one you want. Because deep-rooted beliefs are hard to get rid of and they consistently interfere with your desire to be in love.

  1. Because You Have Not Heard About Happyweddings.comWhy-I-am-Still-Single

You should be well informed about that special place where you get to see your preferred partner. And it’s that lets you find that someone special to have a happy life together.

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