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12 Best Trending Kerala Wedding Hairstyles For the Bride To Be


12 Best Trending Kerala Wedding Hairstyles For the Bride To Be

11 Nov 2020

Kerala wedding hairstyles are well known for its beauty and uniqueness which outshines during any Kerala wedding ceremonies. It’s easy to create or make out such typical hairstyle designs promptly, especially by the one who has got expertise in wedding makeup.

Unlike other weddings, Kerala weddings own its own uniqueness. For instance, Gajras are common in Kerala wedding ceremonies with almost all varieties of flowers included in it. And you can’t find it on other state weddings.

Moreover, hairstylists often prefer buns and braids even though it takes a lot of time. It is just to make the Kerala bride look elegant.

Let us have a look on some of the interesting Kerala wedding hairstyles that offer the perfect traditional look for the Kerala bride.

1.  Bun Type Hairstyle with Gajrakerala wedding hairstyles

Image Courtesy: pinimg.com

One of the best hairstyles in Kerala weddings, this is for the minimalist brides-to-be. To make it the perfect hairstyle for a Kerala wedding, you just need a bun to completely wrap it up with Gajra. When you wrap, no need to cover the bun fully, but cover it around the edges.

2.   Fishtail braid with a flower Maang tikka

kerala wedding hairstyles

Image Courtesy: pinimg.com

Make your hairstyle stunning and modern with fishtail braid as it provides a contemporary style and helps you retain the most preferred traditional Kerala look. You need good patience to complete this hairstyle. However, the result would be something extraordinary.

After completing the braid, entwine it with beautiful white flowers and put on a flower Maang Tikka. This Maang Tikka helps you to complete the traditional hairstyle.

3. Bun with Shaded Gajrakerala wedding hairstyles pictures

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

It’s your wedding day and you should make it special. Choose more than two Gajra shades with different colour patterns like orange and yellow. Well, it is your individual choice to pick the shade. For that perfect shade, put the colour patterns one after the other on the bun.

4Bun with ornamentkerala wedding hairstyles for short hair

Image Courtesy: pinimg.com

How about ornamental hairstyle? It’s an intricate Kerala wedding hairstyle where ornament is fixed all around the braid. Well, the ornaments can be made of different and unique materials including flower petals, pearls or jewels.

5.  Gajra-twirled braidkerala wedding hairstyles image

Image courtesy: Styles by Sha Hair

Let your hair be more vibrant with this kind of hair tweaking. It’s easy. Just make the braid and twirl it up. Prefer the Gajra which you would like to have. And also, add some tassels at the end to give it an elegant stroke. See the uniqueness.

 6. Bun & Braid with Stunning Jewellerykerala wedding hairstyles for long hair

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

Bun & Braid? Which one do you like to have?

Here, you can use a bun done and make a braid with the rest of your hair. By adding elegant jewels, you can make your hairstyle extraordinary. The sparkling effect of the jewelry in your free-flowing and long hair will be the major attraction on your wedding.

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7. Gajra on Open Hairbest kerala wedding hairstyles

Image Courtesy: wedmegood.com

It’s so simple and provides a breezy look for you. Some girls do not want it too complicated and they would like it to be effortless. And hence they prefer to leave their hair open. Use a basic Gajra as well. In fact, this hairstyle matches for a pure ethnic Kerala wedding ceremony.

 8. Free-flowing hair with twirlsbest kerala wedding hairstyles

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

This is one of the classic hairstyle examples used for the bride to be in Kerala wedding ceremonies. Most girls prefer to have open hair style as it freely flows and will not be hectic for them. Just make a few twirls and it’s over. You will look stunning.

9. Go Traditional with Low Lying Bunkerala wedding hairstyles image

Image Courtesy: pinimg.com

When you look for the Kerala wedding hairstyle collection, this one stands out as it has some tinges of the traditional Kerala wedding style. Low-lying bun style was common during the olden days and it is very easy to handle. Wrap the hair in a simple manner and use the Gajra just to pair the duo with some traditional yet contemporary ornaments.

10. Pick a Loose Braid/Bunkerala wedding hairstyles for short hair

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

It’s a simple as well as casual hairstyle format where a loose bun or braid is used. Even though you have too much hair, this hairstyle makes others believe that you have enough.Let others get amazed with this Kerala wedding hairstyle.

11. Bun with Flowerskerala wedding hairstyles pictures

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

It’s absolutely your choice to decide which flowers should be used to pin into your bun.

Most of us go traditional by using typical flowers and some brides would like to think differently. Just make a traditional bun with some peculiar flowers that you love the most.

It’s pretty interesting if you prefer to choose flowers that match your wedding outfit.

12. Traditional White Gajrakerala wedding hairstyles

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

Make your hairstyle look extraordinary by blending conventional and contemporary style. Here, a braid is made with a bun pinned in it. Feel yourself complete with this traditional style of hair designing. Attach a set of jasmine flowers as it is believed that it would bring prosperity.

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So, all the bride-to-be out there, you really look gorgeous in the above-mentioned Kerala wedding hairstyles. And if you want to be like this, just be that perfect bride by registering with Happyweddings.com.

We will be coming soon with more and more exciting hairstyle samples in the near future. Wait and see.