Why do you want a Relationship so Badly?

17 Dec 2020

Why do you want a relationship so badly? Are you aspiringly looking for that “One” with whom you would like to share your life?

Well, these are some common questions that directly or indirectly reflect your inner self that would be seriously looking for a partner to break your loneliness. But there are a lot more things that prompt us to crave a good and healthy relationship like

  • When you feel lonely, and you badly need someone to listen to you and give you encouragement and support
  • When you feel that a perfect relationship will make you happy and make you be a better person
  • When you feel that a good partner can support you to achieve your ambition’s greater heights.

What do you need to have in your mind while deciding to have a relationship?

While you think you are all set to have a relationship, ask yourself why you wish for a relationship. You will make a life-changing decision, and it would be great to have a self-evaluation. Make sure that you know these two points.


1. What you really want to have, which means what are your expectations from your partner.

If you mean to have a long and committed relationship, then you need to be sure that the person you find is right for you and doesn’t disappoint you in any way.

It’s not wrong to have some expectations from a partner in terms of their education, career, or family status, especially because when you choose, you better choose right.

2. And what you expect from that relationshipIf you expect that a partner will support you and encourage you to achieve your dreams and ambitions, you need to be wise in choosing that partner.

A perfect relationship helps you grow.Why do you want a Relationship so Badly?

To be in a relationship means to learn the reality of life itself. You might have noticed the relationship between any couples who have been married together for a long term. It’s sweeter than you think as it helps both the partners learn, grow, and heal together. They share a special love, passion, and friendship that helps them be completely happy in the relationship.

How to find your loving partner? Is it so easy?Why do you want a Relationship so Badly?

When you think of finding a loving partner to have that “Happily Ever After,” there are a lot of aspects which you need to study well.

You are searching for someone who might influence your life in all ways possible and even change the course of your life.

It is fine that you have not yet found the right partner for yourself. But now, if you think you need one to share life, it’s absolutely the biggest decision you ever make, and you need to be sure you make a wise decision on it.

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