Bridal Wedding Lehenga: Glamorous Wedding lehengas for Bride

25 Nov 2020

While the bride prepares for her wedding, she imagines the elegance she holds especially during the wedding ceremony and the reception. It’s her dream to get adorned with colorful and vibrant wedding attire to celebrate the special day with great excitement. If it is sarees with intriguing design patterns that draws the attention during the wedding day, what would be the option for the bride to make it during the reception?

Without any doubt, the bride to be would prefer beautifully designed wedding lehengas as they have created that much impact over these years.

Colour Matters – Get Adorned With Beautiful Shades

Bridal wedding Lehengas are stunning creations with traditional elegance that evidently describes its beauty in detail. The bride looks cool and gorgeous in lehenga and hence they mostly prefer to wear such captivating outfits. When you think about Bridal wedding lehengas, the very first color that comes in your mind is of course RED.

Red color is believed to be warm, lively, and extremely striking.

If you have ever noticed the bride in RED Lehenga, you might have noticed that she will be completely under the spotlight and the kernel of attraction. Besides, RED is religiously significant as well. In Hindu culture, RED seems to be holding high esteem and is considered auspicious.

The modern brides too prefer to have RED Bridal Wedding Lehengas as they believe this color is a statement of their attitude, making it the most sought-after bridal attire. And it’s too difficult to find somebody (especially ladies) who stays away from this passionate color which in turn describes love, desire, intensity and more.

Let’ check some RED Lehenga variants.

1. Be Royal with RED Bridal Wedding Lehenga Designsbridal wedding lehangas

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To give the bride a royal look, designers have now started tinging lehengas with imperial enhancements.

Like said, Indian weddings are mere celebrations of culture, and to emphasize this fact, Indian brides now wear lehengas that signifies the rich legacy and tradition that they hold.

For instance, RED Banarasi silk wedding lehengas and RED velvet lehengas have purposely opted for wedding celebrations as they give a royal touch to the bride during wedding ceremonies.

RED Banarasi silk lehenga (Image Source:

bridal wedding lehengas

RED velvet lehenga (Image Source:

It’s Not Just Red; More Awaits

Though red is considered the synonym of the bridal attire, there are brides who stay away from RED, not because they don’t like it, but to try out something different. Let’ check some of the brides who went out of the league and started trying PURPLE Lehengas on their wedding day.

2. How PURPLE Bridal Wedding Lehenga augments on your special day?wedding lehenga for bride


Watch out for these elegant pieces of artwork that establish your style statement on your wedding day. It’s something unique for those who prefer to stand out, just to give an extraordinary touch to your marriage.

3. Love Entrancing Yellow Lehengaswedding lehengas

Image Source: Pinterest

Choose the stunning sunshine tinted YELLOW Lehengas as it lets you glow with its splendid and classy dose of elegance. Each and every bride wants to be in the limelight and for that, you need to pick that bold and refreshing hue to add more charm. Let’s meet the beautiful brides who get adorned with YELLOW sophistication.

4. Boho Princess Stylewedding lehenga for bride

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Adorned with shells and flowers, shine with this ‘Boho’ style of attire on your wedding.

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5. Be Light & Breezybride wedding lehenga

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Pick this light-weight yellow lehenga with its metallic accents. And you look stunning, especially on that breezy mehndi set aside the coast.

6. Princess of Desertwedding lehenga for bride

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This lemon-colored lehenga lets you shine all day with its sun stroked hue.

7. Traditional Bridebridal wedding lehengas

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Be traditional with a classy twirl on hair. You look stunning.

Well, all these beautiful design patterns make you more stylish and gorgeous. Never miss this chance to be an elegant bride. Be a happywedding bride by registering with .