Domestic Violence Against Women: How It Impacts Our Society

29 May 2020

Family is the best place to be in…

Though homes are supposed to be one of the safest places to be in, sometimes rare incidents happen which questions the safety behind the concept of marriage and families. Through, we try to be partners in creating safe and happy families where compassion and love prevails and there is no room for violence or abusive behaviour. 

Domestic Violence Against Women: How It Impacts Our Society

Domestic Violence Against Women: How It Impacts Our Society

Domestic violence is a serious threat faced mostly by women in India. Any attempt by a person to overpower the other one while being in an intimate relationship or even after marriage is often related to domestic violence. To take control over any other person is not something to be appreciated and it is considered as pure violation of existing rules. It is one’s right to think, act and live in their own way. No one owns the right to intrude into the other one’s activities. To take you down, the abuser will use the most dangerous “weapons” like fear, guilt or shame.   

Domestic violence can happen anytime to anyone. It can happen among couples, lovers, and even friends. Whatever it is, abusive behavior is never tolerable, whether it comes from a man, woman, teenager, or from an adult. Unfortunately, the most common victims of domestic abuse are women.

Indian Marriages and Domestic Violence

In India, marriages play a crucial role in defining the socio-economic culture of society. It’s quite a known fact that marriage is an integral part of one’s life. It’s a once in a lifetime affair that completely emphasizes the immense pleasure and joy it provides as a celebration. However, more than the lighter side, this traditional ritual has its own darker sides too. In most cases, it is the “Dowry System” which is the major cause that leads to domestic violence and associated chaos to the families. Though the dowry system is considered as one of the evilest practices that happen during the wedding ceremonies, it seems it will not end now.

Recent news reports indicate how dangerous this malevolent ritual has become. Right from the beginning, many people have started agitation and raised their voice against this custom but of no use. The system still prevails. Atrocities against women are increasing day by day and the most common and dangerous cause behind this scenario is mostly associated with the dowry system.  

Gender-Based Violence

In India, atrocities against women are widespread. There may be many reasons for the violence against women, but majority of them takes place in households and in workplaces. Due to the heavy pressure put forward by the women’s rights movements, such issues have drawn wide attention from the media and the general public. However, the situation still prevails and many women continue to experience abuses and violence in their everyday lives.

When it comes to gender-based violence, it is now happening across public as well as private domains. Unfortunately, most of such violence are reported from Dalit, Adivasi and other marginalised sectors.

Do’s and Don’ts of Domestic Violence

What to do if you find a person subjected to domestic violence

Do these                                                    

  • Patiently ask what is wrong                  
  • Express what bothers you                      
  • Be a good listener                           
  • Offer help                           
  • Support decisions            

Don’t do these

  • Never wait for them to express feelings
  • Never criticize or blame the victim
  • Don’t force your advice or suggestion on them
  • Don’t give the advice to ignore and adjust with the abuser
  • Don’t put conditions while supporting

Types of Domestic Violence

When it comes to domestic violence, people usually think about physical violence. In fact, it is only the tip of an iceberg. It is just one of the many abuses. Types of domestic abuses include

  •       Controlling Behaviour
  •       Physical Abuse
  •       Sexual Violence
  •       Verbal Abuse
  •       Emotional Abuse
  •       Economic Abuse
  •       Bullying
  •       Seclusion
  •       Male Chauvinism

Signs of Domestic Violence

If you think you are being closely watched by your partner and you feel uncomfortable, chances are your relationship is not healthy. In some other cases, your partner constantly disparages you and controls you, then you are about to be a victim of abuse. If this is the case for lovers or any other relationships, the same happens at households which paves the way for domestic violence or abuse. When it comes to domestic violence, it’s not very easy to identify at first. It can be identified gradually. You are a victim of domestic violence if your partner

  •       Insults you frequently or puts you down
  •       Assaults you while using alcohol
  •       Prohibits you from going to work
  •       Tries to control you in spending money
  •       Shows possessive behavior
  •       Threatens you with a weapon
  •       Verbally and physically assaults you without any reason
  •       Forces you to have sex against your will
  •       Forbids you from visiting or calling your friends, relatives, and other loved ones

 What are the Solutions?

As said before, domestic violence still prevails. To put an end to this illicit and wild crime, our laws should be made stronger. In fact, laws exist. But to implement it in the right way is still a dream to many.

Five Things to Avoid Domestic Violence Against Women

Seek Immediate help

If you are in danger, ask for help. Don’t hide your problems. Seek help from neighbourhood or from concerned authorities. There are also women helpline numbers. Call them directly. In case of any help, contact the below given numbers

Women Helpline ( All India ) – Women In Distress 1090 / 1091
Women Helpline Domestic Abuse 181

To report any violence or abuse against women, click the links given below

In the wake of reports of an increase in domestic violence during the lockdown, the Kerala government has launched a whatsapp number. If a woman becomes the victim of domestic violence, she can directly send the message to the number 9400080292.

This 24-hour helpline has been started by the Directorate of Women and Child Development with the help of the technical cell of the National Service Scheme.

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Learn yourself about the Causes

Try to understand yourself the causes and consequences of domestic violence. Learning more about what is actually happening as part of domestic and sexual violence helps you spread that knowledge to others as well.

React Immediately

Most of the people are reluctant to react even if they are physically or even sexually abused. Retort effectively, be it in office, house or wherever you are. React in a proper way that it becomes a motivation to others too.

Speak up for Gender Equality

This is actually an era where people stand for and speak up about gender equality. Be boundless in your potential so that it helps you achieve the success you have wished for. Let gender don’t determine one’s future.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns are one fine step to be taken against the evils related to domestic violence. However, what must be noticed is that it should be planned and executed in the deep root level. Let the people know the evilness of such abuses.

 To Sum up

Though domestic violence can happen to anyone, the victims are mostly women. It affects women of any age, every class, age and race. Like said earlier, gender inequality is the major cause of any kind of violence against women. Let us hope for that perfect day where gender equality is not just a word we use often, but a fact; a fact that really exists.