Live-in Relationship: Here are the rights you need to know

03 Sep 2020

Live-in relationship have become common now as a few of the youngsters prefer to have such affairs because they don’t believe in the institution of marriage.

Most of the people don’t know whether live-in relationships are legally valid in India or are there any kind of restrictions for the same.

It is true that a live-in relationship gives you the opportunity to know the true self of the partner without any legal bondage. It may sound cool. But practically there are lot more challenges that the couples have to face. Do you want to experience the sweetness and the bitterness of the live-in relationship? Then you need to get to know about the rights. Let’s have a look into it.

How does India Perceive Live-in Relationships?live in relationships

Over the years, India has seen a radical change in the way this new generation observes relationships. The society has become more open-minded about the idea of pre-marital sex and live-in relationships, thanks to the most relevant factors such as freedom, education, and also globalization.

People even consider live-in relationships as it is not an escape from responsibilities but a perfect way to understand the good and bad qualities of the partner.

While live-in relationships provide you with the opportunity to know each other, it evidently eliminates the imminent problems that can be caused as a family which in turn rejects the never-ending drama of court procedures and other confusions.

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In fact, a live-in relationship is an incessant sharing of life where nobody takes any responsibilities and don’t want to get exposed to any law tying. Any partner can walk out any time from each other’s life.

What is the difference between Marriage and Live-in Relationships?live in relationships

Marriage is a beautiful tradition that is socially as well as ritually accepted by the society and it is a legal contract between the couples where they unanimously accept the terms and conditions formulated by the law.

It is a legal obligation that each and every couple should accept and follow. Marriage is not only the union of two individuals but it is an amalgamation of two families and diverse cultural traditions as well.

Like said, India has its own cultural diversity and hence separate legal formalities have been set with various procedures and guidelines for the proper execution of marriages.

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However, in live-in relationships, there is no proper law that binds the couple and hence anyone who is indulged in such a life can walk out of his/her partner’s life at any time.

When you go deep into the matter, there is not a solid legal definition for live-in relationships and legally, such relations are unverified.

Any such confusions regarding the maintenance in a live-in relationship can only be decided by the honorable court that too with the Domestic Violence Act and also scrutinizing the facts that individuals reveal.

How Common Man Perceives Live-in Relationships?live-in relationship

It’s a matter of concern whether a common man will ever accept the concept of live-in relationship. The fact is that they are still reluctant towards such relationships. People are aware only about two kinds of relationships – arranged marriages and love marriages. It’s just because India is a country where people consider marriage as a sacred bonding between two people.

Are Live-in Relationships Legally Accepted?live-in relationship

Definitely live-in relationships are not at all illegal, though the concept is considered immoral by society. However, when you chose to have a live-in relationship, it is not that easy as you think.

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Like said earlier, when you get involved in a live-in relationship there are certain things that you need to ensure. The legislature, for the very first time, approved live-in relationships by providing the rights and protection to the women who are not legally married but are living with their partner which is in the idea of marriage. And this comes under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Would you prefer to have a Live-in Relationship?live-in relationship

Well, it depends upon the individuals and you are the deciding factor to choose the life you really want to live. It is true that live-in relationships are not illegal but society still consider it an immoral affair. When you choose to have such a relationship, make sure that you are well prepared to face whatever obstacles you come across.

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