Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage – Which one is safer?

22 May 2020

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage! one of the most debated topics ever Let’s admit that all of us have weighed both. And we do have a pre-occupied notion about both, owing to the lives that we have come across. But still,

What would be the possible reasons that came to your mind to discard one and choose another?

But we get into that, let’s have a look at some stats that can shed some light on the current scenario

India has a low divorce rate compared to other countries. However, it is a fact that this rate, a major share of people keep away from divorce owing to fear rather than any other factors

But there is hope!

A UN report revealed that one of the bad practices that existed in the past, social compulsion has now moved on to semi-arranged marriages, where women are allowed to select their partners.

This has actually paved its way to kind of arranged cum love marriage which is a relief to many.

But still, the doubt persists!. Which one is better? 

So let’s analyze both practices

Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Advantage Disadvantage
The decision is taken by both the man and the woman. So both can be proud of taking the biggest decision of their life by their own  The decision can sometimes come out of immaturity and infatuation. Both factors are perfect ingredients for disaster
Equality will be there in most of the cases, especially in decision making If there is a lack of understanding, fights can happen frequently.
It’s a love marriage! You don’t need to be lavish and waste a great deal of your savings It’s a once in a lifetime event. You will be deprived of all those sweet wedding memories if you have decided not to do it.
Love is sweet and those who are truly in love can maintain that sweetness forever Love can fade as time passes by. Not for everyone though. But it’s true that love can turn bitter after some time.

Advantages and disadvantage of Arranged marriage

Advantage Disadvantage
Parents and family are there to inquire in detail about the spouse. In some cases, misleading details can have an opposite impression of the person
Parents analyse and evaluate a lot about your spouse to make sure that you are safe. They will consider aspects that you might ignore but are important to you “Love” would be last in your parent’s pre-qualification list, because they assume that you would fall in love, like them, once married.
When things go bad there will be family members  as mediators Sometimes the unwanted interference of the families of both the parties can create havoc.
Inheritance of ancestral property will happen without any disputes Social evils that happen between the couple seldom surfaces because of many of the family-related factors
The excitement in knowing someone whom you like a lot can spice your life For some, being with someone who they barely know can be traumatic

Final Verdict. Arranged Marriage vs Love marriage who, wins?

If you are into making your parents and family happy and think that love can also happen after marriage, arranged marriage is for you!

If you are someone who believes in taking a risk for that special person, then love marriage is for you.

However, arranged marriage does not have to be so negative. There is this latest trend which can be a thing for you and moreover, many thinks that it’s the right and safest thing to do.

Both love marriage and arranged marriage have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Why can’t we combine the good things in both the process?

 Falling in love with a person with the consent and acceptance of your families?

 Sounds unbelievable?

There is a platform in existence called online matrimonial where you can pick someone you like or from the list your parents have chosen for you and talk to the person. Things will only proceed further upon your interest.

Progressive and Safe Right?