Are Women in India ready to Marry a Divorced or Widowed Man?

15 Aug 2020

In India, marriages are often considered quintessential, especially for women as the people here believe that it is the duty of the parents to make their daughter’s life secure. Making a woman’s life secure means insisting her to marry someone who is completely a stranger or someone who comes forward eyeing the huge dowry that the woman’s family offers. Interesting isn’t it? Marriages are not at all a crime in fact. It has its own culture as well as socio-political significance. However, marital problems have now become a common issue and the number of divorces has gone up, paving the way for second marriages.

Today there are various free second marriage matrimonial sites and free divorce matrimony where divorcees can register their profiles and find their partners.

In this blog, we will discuss

Indian Society’s view on Second marriagesdivorced or widowed man

There was a time where thinking about second marriages was considered a sin and people were reluctant to entertain divorce matrimony. Since men and women, mostly from the upper-middle-class started ending their unhappy marriages, the traditional Indian belief also started amending its view on remarriage matrimony. And yes, those who have deliberately ended their previous marriages began promoting second marriage websites, thus making the direct second marriage matrimonial sites popular among the folks.

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Second Marriage Statistics in Indiadivorced or widowed man

As per the 2011 census of India, out of the total marriages, around 0.29% of couples got separated while 0.11% of the couples have filed for divorce. If it was the case ten years back, just imagine what would be the stats in 2020. More than enough. Around 4.5% of the population is widowed and among them most of them hardly prefer second marriages owing to the social circumstances. With time, the so-called social circumstances have started changing, and more and more Indians have started thinking about second marriages.

Besides, the census suggests that at least 5% of the couples from Hindus got divorced, widowed, or parted while it is lesser when it comes to the Muslim community (3.7%) and Christian community (2.2%). Whatever be the stats, the market covering the second marriage websites and related business seem to be doing well.

Religious View on Second MarriagesReligious view on second marriages

In India, marriages are strictly governed by religions as it plays a significant role in performing the marriage rituals as well as taking important decisions made by the couple itself. Let’s see how religions administer second marriages in India.

When it comes to Islam, it is the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 that governs religious occasions like marriages, divorce, and second marriages. As per the law, Muslims in India have the freedom to remarry if they are divorced or widowed.

In Hinduism, marriage is considered as a sacred union with the blessings by the divine power. Since it doesn’t contain any civil contract, the idea of remarriage is difficult even after the death of one’s spouse.

According to the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, if anyone wants to marry again, neither party (men nor women) should have a spouse who is alive. Or else divorce is a must. Marriages in other religions such as Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism are also governed by the Hindu Marriage Act.

Meanwhile, in Christianity, divorce is possible in two instances. One is when a man or a woman commits disloyalty and the other is when anyone of them abuses the other. There are not any serious restrictions in the Christian community for a second marriage.

Are Second Marriages Successful?second marriages

People often become too choosy and cautious when they are about to get into a second marriage. The bitterness one had to face during his/her first relationship may pull them back from entering into a new one.

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What are the Key Factors that help you to have a joyful second marriage?second marriages

  1. You should be able to leave the past behind
  2. Trust is inevitable. So do trust your spouse
  3. Spend quality time with your partner
  4. Interact effectively so that you will understand each other
  5. Forgiveness makes your life even happier
  6. Proper finance management
  7. Mend your former relationship (only if needed)
  8. Don’t repeat the same mistakes

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