Important Rituals and Sacred Customs in Gujarati Wedding

22 Oct 2020

Known for its historicity and hospitality, Gujarat offers you a wide variety of exciting wedding traditions that you should never miss. The Gujarati wedding ceremonies are sheer entertainment options where you get to see the warmth of Gujarati people. Each ritual associated with Gujarati wedding celebrations is unique, and it offers you a great time to know the rich cultural and historical traditions that the state holds. Now, it’s our turn to introduce to you the significant Gujarati wedding rituals.

Pre-wedding Rituals of Gujarati Wedding

There are a series of pre-wedding rituals held as part of Gujarati wedding ceremonies. Here is the complete list.

Chandlo Maatli – Formal Announcement of Marriagegujarati wedding

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The Gujarati weddings start with Chandlo Maatli, known to be the official announcement of the marriage in which the bride’s father and a group of four male members visit the groom’s place. They carry an ampule full of valuable gifts and delicious sweets. The container which they carry is locally known as ‘Maatli’. The bride’s father also applies Sindoor (Vermillion) on the groom’s forehead and gives him money.

Gol Dhana – Engagementgujarathi wedding

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This is the engagement ceremony in Gujarati weddings. As part of this ritual, coriander seeds and jaggery are distributed during the function that takes place at the groom’s house. The bride’s family carries gifts and sweets when they reach the groom’s place for the event.

Ganesh Sthapana – Offering Prayers to Lord Ganeshagujarathi weddings

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Like any other Hindu wedding ceremony, Gujarati weddings also have Ganesh Puja, where Lord Ganesha is worshipped. This is done to remove all the obstacles in the marriage. Mostly, this ritual is performed two to three days before the wedding date. The couple and their families pray to Lord Ganesha for a successful and happy married life.

Mehendi Ceremonygujarathi wedding

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The Mehendi function is exclusively for the Gujarati bride. This is a colorful ritual that happens two days before the wedding. A Mehendi artist is mostly invited to the bride’s place to adorn the bride with amazing Mehendi designs. There will be dance and music as well.

Mandap MahuratGujarathi marriage

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This is absolutely a blissful ritual where the bride and groom’s parents seek blessings from Mother Earth. As part of the Gujarati wedding, a mandap is erected to carry out the wedding rituals. And to dig a piece of land into erecting the mandap, the couple’s parents together perform this ritual.

Griha Shantigujarathi wedding rituals

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After the Mandap Mahurat, the Griha Shanti ceremony is performed in which the couple and their family seek the blessings from all the nine planets of the solar system. This ritual is believed to be a mandatory ceremony in Gujarat.

Pithi – Applying Sandalwood Pastegujarathi wedding

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Like the Haldi ceremony, Pithi in Gujarati weddings uses sandalwood, turmeric and saffron, and rosewater. The mix is applied to the body of the groom by his close relatives and friends. This ritual is believed to be sacred that helps the groom to glow during the wedding ceremony.

Sanji – Music Nightgujarati wedding

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All the guests gather at the respective homes of the bride and the groom to have a great night together. This is a fun-filled ritual held as part of a Gujarati wedding where all the family members participate. The traditional Garba dance is performed during this ritual, along with folk songs.


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During this Gujarati wedding ceremony, the bride’s maternal uncle pays a visit to the bride’s house with valuables like gifts, jewels, clothes, and sweets. This ceremony is also known as Mosaalu, and it takes place a few days before the actual wedding date.

Wedding Rituals of Gujarati Wedding

Baraatgujarathi wedding

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This ritual is performed before the groom begins his journey to the venue. The chief priest will hand over a coin to the groom’s sister, which she waives over the groom’s head three times. The sound of the coin, when it falls, is believed to ward off all the evil spirits. The groom then starts his journey, mostly on a horse. 

Jaan/Aagaman – Welcoming the Groom

gujarathi wedding

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The groom enters the entrance of the wedding venue; the bride’s family warmly welcomes him. The groom and his family are welcomed by performing arti and also by giving sweet delicacies.

Jaimala – Exchanging Garlands

gujarathi wedding

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Once the bride and the groom r=enters the mandap, the Jaimala ritual is performed where the couple exchanges garlands. At the same time, Jaimala songs are played on the background and the cheering of the guests.

Madhuparkagujarathi weddings

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In this Gujarati wedding ritual, the bride’s mother washes her son-in-law’s feet with milk and water. Once it is done, she offers some sweet delicacies to the groom, mostly ‘Panchamrut’ prepared with five ingredients like milk, yogurt, sugar, ghee, and honey.

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Antarpatgujarathi wedding

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During this Gujarati wedding ritual, a cloth, also known as ‘Antarpat,’ is tied between the couple so that they can’t see each other. The couple is allowed to see each other’s face only after this ritual.

Kanyadaangujarathi wedding traditions

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The Kanyadaan tradition is most common in every Hindu wedding, and Gujarati weddings are also no different. As per this ritual, the bride’s father gives away his daughter to the groom after performing a few rituals. He washes his son-in-law’s feet and asks him to take care of his daughter as he did. This custom signifies that the father is assigning all his responsibilities to the groom.

Saptapadigujarathi wedding ceremony

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During the Saptapadi ritual, the couple together takes seven steps around the sacred fire. They are also supposed to take vows while walking around the holy fire. Each vow promises including love and respect, which they will follow when they begin their new life.

Sindoor Daangujarathi wedding

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In this ritual, the groom applies Sindoor (Vermillion) on the bride’s forehead. This is the first symbol that lets others identify the bride as a married woman.

Mangalsutra- Tying the Knotgujarathi wedding

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The bride ties the holy thread (Mangalsutra) around the neck of the bride. This is one of the most auspicious moments during the Gujarati wedding rituals. The elders of both the families bless the couple after this tradition.

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Kansargujarathi wedding

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Kansar marks the end of the Gujarati wedding rituals, where the newlywed feed sweets to each other. After this, the couple sees the blessings of their parents.

Post-wedding Rituals of Gujarati wedding

Vidaaigujarathi wedding


The couple leaves the wedding venue once the wedding rituals are over. The bride bids adieu to all her relatives, making the ritual a very emotional one.

Ghar Nu Laxmigujarathi wedding

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The couple is well received at the house by the groom’s mother. The bride is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, and hence she is welcomed with Aarti. The bride spills a vessel filled with rice at the house entrance, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

Aeki Bekigujarathi wedding

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It’s not over yet. There is one more fun-filled wedding game. Aeki Beki is played by the couple where a large vessel is filled with milk, vermillion, water, and coins. A gold ring is also put inside the vessel, which the couple has to find. But they are allowed to use only their right hands. The winner is given a prize as well.

Receptiongujarathi wedding

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This is optional. However, most Gujarati families prefer to have a grand wedding reception after all the rituals associated with the wedding. The guests are allowed to dance and party during the reception. The couple also enjoys some fine moments by dancing and singing along with the guests. A delicious feast is also served at last.

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