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Capturing the essence of Kannada Gowda Wedding Rituals & Traditions


Capturing the essence of Kannada Gowda Wedding Rituals & Traditions

05 Nov 2020

The southern state of India, Karnataka, is known for its multifarious cultural traditions which are highlighted at each and every event, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Kannada Gowda weddings are such ceremonies that help you identify how important are the ritualistic traditions associated with the Gowda community. Even though a Hindu wedding ceremony, the Kannada Gowda wedding customs, and traditions differ as per the bride and groom’s religions.

While following traditional Hindu wedding rituals, Kannada Gowda weddings stand out with its simplicity.

Come; let’s check out interesting Kannada Gowda wedding rituals.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Nandigowda wedding

Image Courtesy:weddingwire.in

Nandi ritual is usually performed in all Hindu weddings but in different names. However, in Kannada Gowda weddings, this ritual is performed before the actual wedding day, and this is performed to make sure that the wedding happens without any obstacles.

Havangowda wedding rituals

Image courtesy: Lightwear studio

Havan is a special ritual that takes place in the respective houses of the bride and the groom. This ritual is mostly performed just before the couple gets ready for the marriage. The elders of the families participate in this ritual.

Wearing Wedding Attiregowda wedding traditions

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

Wearing wedding attire is a special ritual performed in Kannada Gowda weddings. During this ritual, the bride gets draped with Navari saree along with beautiful glass bangles. The groom will also get dressed during this ritual, and he will be wearing a Dhoti along with Angavastram and a Petha.

Dev Karya Ceremonygowda wedding rituals

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

After the groom gets ready for the marriage, a special puja is performed at his residence. An idol of Lord Ganesha is placed in a room, and the groom seeks the Lord’s blessings. This is an auspicious occasion where elders of the groom participate.

Kashi Yatragowda wedding

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

Kashi Yatra is an interesting ritual performed during Gowda weddings. After wearing wedding attire, both the bride and groom reach the wedding venue.

Once the groom reaches the entrance, he pretends that he is not interested in getting married, and hence he is moving to Kashi, the sacred destination to get away from all the worldly burdens.

The bride’s father intervenes, and he requests his son-in-law to get married to his daughter, for which the groom agrees.

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Kannada Gowda Wedding Rituals

The wedding rituals associated with Kannada Gowdas are somewhat similar to the traditional Kannada Hindu weddings. Let’s check the rituals.

Mandap Pujagowda wedding rituals

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The ‘Mandap,’ where the auspicious wedding ritual happens, is purified just before the ‘Muhurtha’ (the auspicious time). The priest who will be guiding all the rituals will perform the puja.

Var Pujagowda wedding

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When the groom enters the venue, the bride’s father welcomes him by washing his feet and giving him flowers. This is a sign of worshipping the groom as he is considered very special from then onwards.

Dhare Herdugowda wedding

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In this ritual, the parents of the bride officially handover their daughter to the groom. This is like the Kanyadan ceremony performed in north Indian weddings.

Mangalsutragowda wedding

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This is the most auspicious ceremony during the Kannada Gowda wedding in which the groom ties Mangalsutra (the sacred thread) to the bride’s neck. The priest chants mantras and hands over the Mangalsutra to the groom, and he seeks the blessings from the elders and then ties the knot.

Saptapadigowda wedding

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After Mangalsutra, the couple takes seven holy steps around the sacred fire lit during the wedding ceremony. On each step, the couple takes the wedding vows to have a happy married life together.

Post Wedding Rituals

Vidaaigowda wedding

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One of the most emotional rituals in Kannada Gowda weddings is Vidaai. This happens once all the wedding rituals are finished. Here, the bride says goodbye to her parents and family members. Before she leaves, she seeks blessings from all the elders in her family.

Graha Praveshgowda wedding

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The couple reaches the groom’s house from the wedding venue, and the groom’s family welcomes them. An idol of Lord Ganesha will be placed at the entrance where the couple offers prayers. The groom’s mother then performs aarti, and the bride enters the house by kicking a bowl filled with rice.

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Grand Reception 

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A grand reception is held in the evening where all the relatives and friends of the groom participate. The guests bestow the couple with valuable gifts like clothes, jewels, and more. A traditional recipe is taken to prepare a delicious feast which the guests enjoy very much.

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