Balancing Traditional Customs and Modernity in Emirati Marriage

05 Mar 2024

Emirati marriage is fancy and follow their special traditions and customs. The celebration of an Emirati wedding usually lasts for seven days, starting with the “Al Khoutha” proposal ceremony in which the groom’s father asks for the bride’s hand from her father. This is followed by the “Al Akhd” which is a wedding contract agreement.

Emirati weddings are not just about celebrations; they also have delicious food, including tasty cuisines and amazing wedding cakes. The grandness of the wedding depends on the family’s money, but experiencing an Emirati wedding is something you’ll remember forever.

Emirati Marriage Customs : A Historical Perspective
  • Traditional Arranged Marriages: Emirati history is marked by the popularity of traditional arranged marriages, where families played a central role in bringing couples together.
  • Significance of Family Consent: Family consent holds a huge importance in Emirati weddings. It involves the union of a collective decision that involves both the families of the bride and groom.
  • Role of Elders in Matchmaking: The decision of elders is very important in the matchmaking process It provides guidance facilitates the connection between families and ensures compatibility between the soon-to-be-wed individuals.
The Modern Shift: Evolution of Emirati Marriage Trends
  • Influence of Globalization: Emirati marriage trends have evolved with the global landscape, as the interconnected world brings in new ideas and perspectives. This is influencing the way marriages are approached.
  • Changing Role of Technology: Technology has reshaped the process of Emirati marriages and now offers new ways for connections and introductions. Matrimonial sites are marking a departure from traditional matchmaking methods.
  • Embracing Individual Choices: A notable shift in Emirati weddings involves an increasing focus on individual choices. Couples now have more say in their partnerships which has completely changed the historically collective decision-making process.
Harmony in Diversity: Blending Old and New
  • Fusion of Traditional Ceremonies with Modern Elements: Emirati weddings find a delicate balance by combining traditional ceremonies with modern touches. Emirati weddings involve a celebration that respects traditional values while also comprising modern elements.
  • Cultural Symbolism in Modern Celebrations: Modern Emirati weddings carry cultural symbols into modern celebrations that also preserve the rich traditions of the Emirates even as the festivities adapt to the changing times.
  • Impact of Western Influences: Western influences have left their mark on Emirati weddings which has affected all aspects of fashion, celebration styles, and other elements. It highlights the dynamic interaction between global trends and local traditions.
Navigating Challenges: Common Issues Faced
  • Striking a Balance Between Expectations and Independence: Couples in Emirati marriages often deal with finding a middle ground between fulfilling traditional expectations and asserting their independence in decision-making.
  • The interplay of Cultural Norms and Individual Desires: The complexity between following the cultural norms and practicing individual desires poses some challenges for Emirati couples that require thoughtful planning to maintain harmony.
  • Coping with the Dual Pressure of Tradition and Modernity: Emirati couples face the dual challenge of honoring longstanding traditions while looking at the freedoms and changes brought about by modernity. It requires them to manage these pressures in their marital journey.


In Emirati marriages, the delicate interplay between tradition and modernity paints a unique picture of resilience and adaptation. This cultural journey highlights not only the preservation of traditions but also the embracing of change in the search for peaceful unions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How are potential matches typically introduced?

A: Matches often stem from family connections or mutual acquaintances, emphasizing trust and shared values as foundational elements.

Q: Is there room for love marriages in Emirati culture?

A: While traditional arranged marriages persist, there is an increasing acceptance of love marriages, signifying a modern shift in attitudes towards personal choice.

Q: How has technology influenced the matchmaking process?

A: Technology has streamlined the process, with online platforms playing a role in initial introductions while still preserving the cultural values inherent in the matchmaking tradition.

Q: What role do families play in the modern Emirati marriage?

A: Families maintain significance in modern Emirati marriage, offering support and guidance. However, there is an evolving understanding of individual autonomy and the importance of personal decision-making.