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Haryanvi Wedding Traditions & Rituals You Should Know


Haryanvi Wedding Traditions & Rituals You Should Know

29 Oct 2020

Indian wedding ceremonies are known for their vibrant traditions and ritualistic practices that each community follows without fail. Haryanvi wedding is one such Indian wedding ceremony that helps you understand the age-old Vedic Aryans traditions. Haryanvi wedding is a grand affair that begins at least a month before the actual wedding day. When it comes to Haryanvi wedding ceremonies, the Jat community’s marriage celebration stands out with its colorful and eventful traditions.

How does the Jat community celebrate their marriage occasions?

As said earlier, the Jats celebrate their wedding ceremonies as per the ancient Vedic rituals, which have evolved over time. Since associated with Vedic rituals, the Jat weddings are full of exuberance that you should not miss.

Now, let us take a tour of the varied cultural celebrations during Haryanvi wedding ceremonies.

Pre-wedding Rituals

Sagaiharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

Sagai is the formal engagement ceremony where the elders from both families make decisions regarding the wedding ceremony. Sweets and gifts are also exchanged during this ceremony, where families of both the bride and the groom participate.

Aguthi Pahananaharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: indiafilings.com

This ritual also happens during the engagement ceremony. The groom and his family members visit the bride’s house with an engagement ring that the couple exchanged in the family’s presence. In fact, this ritual marks the formal agreement of the marriage.

Bhat Nutanaharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: gettyimages.com

One month before the actual wedding date, the maternal uncles of the bride and the groom are invited to make their presence for the marriage ceremony. And this ritual is termed as Bhat Nutana.

Ban Benihanaharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

Haryanvi weddings are highly religious, and hence special prayer sessions and pujas are held as part of the wedding rituals. In his ritual, the bride and groom’s families offer their prayers to Lord Ganesha for the marriage to happen peacefully. It is believed that Lord Ganesha will destroy all the obstacles.

Pithi Laganaharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

Like the Haldi ceremony, this one is a special occasion for the Haryanvi Jat bride, where she gets smeared with a paste made of grounded barley, turmeric, and ghee.

Banoriharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: bollywoodshaadis.com

Once the Ganesh puja is over, the bride and the groom will have a feast at the priest’s house. They are not supposed to have food in their respective homes.

Ratijkaharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: weddingwire.in

This is, in fact, a musical night with lots of fun and exciting activities. This ritual is held on the night before the wedding day. All the family members will be awake, and they sing songs and have fun. This is a real celebration where the bride and groom and their friends and relatives sing, dance, and offer prayer to the family deities.

Mehndi Laganaharyanvi wedding traditions

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

Before the wedding, mehndi is applied on the hands and the feet of the bride, and this ritual is known as Mehndi Lagana in the Haryanvi wedding. During this occasion, close relatives and friends of the bride will mark their presence by applying mehndi on her. A skilled mehndi artist is also hired to create wonderful mehndi designs.

Khichaiharyanvi wedding rituals

Image Courtesy: cdnparenting.com

In this ritual, all the bride’s close relatives and the villagers throng the groom’s house. A grand feast made of rice and daal is served to them. This is an important tradition observed in Haryanvi wedding ceremonies.

Chak Pujaharyanvi wedding traditions

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

Jats worship potter’s wheel before any auspicious occasion, especially during wedding ceremonies. Chak Puja is also held before the marriage.

Barat Nikasiharyanvi wedding ceremony

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

On the wedding day, the groom leaves his home for the wedding venue as a procession. This is known as Barat Nikasi. Before leaving, elders from his family put a ceremonial tilak on his forehead. The procession will have the relatives of the groom dancing and singing ceremonial songs.

Wedding Rituals

Chawal Chahanaharyanvi wedding rituals

Image Courtesy: langimg.com

Before the wedding, rice is offered to the deities for the wedding to happen auspiciously. This is done in every Haryanvi wedding, especially at Jat weddings. This ritual also is a symbol of prosperity.

Sehaharyanvi wedding rituals

Image Source: Unknown

In this ritual, the groom is welcomed at the entrance of the wedding venue. The bride’s family gives him a warm welcome.


Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

While the groom reaches the venue after receiving a warm welcome, a symbol representing victory is placed on the door. The groom, with his sword, touches the symbol and enters the venue.

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Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

The groom sits at the mandap and is showered with flowers. The bride enters then, and they exchange garlands, popularly known as Varmala. This ritual signifies the acceptance between the couple. The bride’s mother then applies kajal on the groom to get rid of all the evil spirits. She then performs aarti.

Hathlewaharyanvi wedding rituals

Image Courtesy: weddingdoers.com

The chief priest does a special prayer session praising Lord Ganesha, and he gives a coin and mehndi on the groom’s right hand. He then ties the groom’s hand with the bride’s hand. This is to indicate that both of them are now one.

Gajoaharyanvi marriage ceremony

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

This is one important ritual in which the priest ties the groom’s dhoti with the bride’s saree. This sacred wedlock signifies that the couple has officially united, and the lock is for a lifetime.

Satphereharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: shaadisaga.com

The couple will walk around the holy fire seven times and promise the Agni devata that they will stay together and lead a happy life. This is when they are officially considered ‘married’.

Kanya Danharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

In this ritual, the father of the bride officially gives away his daughter to the groom. He performs this ritual after pouring sacred water on the groom. He will then request his son-in-law to look after his daughter by giving her proper love, care, and affection. The groom’s promises to all these by repeating three times that he will give all his love and care to his wife, realizing three important factors – Dharma, Artha, and the Kama.

Post-Wedding Rituals

Kanwar Kaleva

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

Taste the deliciousness with this Haryanvi wedding ritual. A grand and extended feast is served to the groom’s family after the wedding, which they enjoy.

Rangbariharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: shaadiwish.com

As part of the wedding ceremony, a new set of clothes are bought for the bride, and during this ceremony, all such attire will be displayed for the guests.

Vidaiharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

In this ritual, the bride says goodbye to her family as she will be leaving for the groom’s residence. All her family members shower blessings on him and give her a decent farewell. She will also be given sweets and gifts which she will carry to her new home.

Dwar Rukaiharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: images.squarespace.com

When reaching the groom’s place, the couple will be given a warm welcome by the groom’s sister or his aunt. An earthen vessel with a mix of salt and water is used to ward off evil spirits. The pot is then destroyed. Then only the couple enter the house.

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Griha Praveshharyanvi wedding

Image Courtesy: ekdumdesi.com

The groom’s mother welcomes the bride to her new home. She performs aarti and puts a tray at the entrance of the door. The tray contains vermilion powder mixed in water or milk. Before entering the house, the bride places her foot on the tray and enters the house, making that red mark on the floor, symbolizing good fortune and purity.

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