15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

21 May 2020

Which are the best matrimonial sites in India? Even though there exist plenty of them, some of them offer impeccable services for the money paid. There is a high chance that you will find your partner in these matrimonial sites. However, it is indeed true that there are many infested with inactive profiles, and those seldom are of any help. 

Before you have decided to seek assistance from a matrimonial platform, you must know which are the best matrimonial sites in India.

So, do you wish to know which ones they are? 

Read below

1. Happyweddings.com15 Best Matrimony Sites In is a breath of fresh air amongst the conventional matrimonial platforms in existence Their rise to one of the best matrimonial sites in India was swift.

The platform is innovative and has used the latest technology for attaining maximum stability and efficiency. Deployment of AI-based matching system is their biggest offering for their priced clients.

Profiles on the website have been personally verified by relationship managers. AI chatbot has been integrated into the system to offer better customer experience.

Stable chat functionality so that two like-minded people can talk to each other. Advanced security features! Your photos and details are absolutely safe

Only genuine people will reach you since stringent filtering process is happening in the background. There will be dedicated professionals for their premium members for offering professional help in finding the right match.

The platform is equipped with machine learning that can send users matches based on their details and partner preferences.

There is a human touch to the service since they also help in breaking the ice and keeping the atmosphere set for the initial discussion between the families of the guy and the girl.

Paid plans of are much more diverse than any other platform owing to its affordability. 

2. Shaadi.com15 Best Matrimony Sites In India> Their initial name was when the company was founded in 1997

> Apart from online matrimonial services they also have retail outlets across the nation to provide various wedding services

> They have always been in the forefront in battling evils that have been tagged along with traditional marriages for centuries

> Their user pool is immense. However, the matrimonial platform also has a surplus of inactive profiles acting as a hurdle in offering good UX (user experience)

3. Bharat Matrimony.com15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> 2000 was the year when Bharat Matrimony was founded.

> Their entry was at a time when online matrimonial was pretty much non-existent.

> Assisted matrimony is one of their most favored features

> They are also included in the Limca book of record for being the reason for the most number of marriages through an online platform. They have profiles in millions of people across the globe

4.  Jeevansathi.com15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

>Jeevansathi was founded in the year 2004.

> Millions of users have registered on this platform so far.

>They have offices spread across the nation. Their verification process for registration is pretty strong

>Advanced privacy settings are one of their fortes

5. Vivaah.com15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> One of the best matrimony sites in India

> Vivaah offer their services 100% free of cost

> Quick and accurate search

> Even though their services are mostly the same as others, they stand out because they have made it free for users. Since it’s free there are many inactive profiles too

6. Kalyan Matrimony

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> Kalyan matrimony was launched in the year 2016 and within these 4 years, they have managed to become one of the best matrimonial sites in India. A remarkable achievement indeed.

> Propriety of one of the biggest business groups in India

> Features remain pretty much the same as any other matrimonial websites out there.

> They have something called intelligent matchmaking through which the system will match people with a high compatibility ratio.

> They also have extensive assistance for premium members

7. Kerala Matrimony

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> A sister venture of Bharat

> Exclusively meant for Keralites

> Mobile number of users in the platform has been verified

> More than 19 years of track record

> User pool of Kerala matrimony comprised of Malayalis around the globe

8. Chavara Matrimony

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> Chavara Matrimony is completely a community based matrimonial sites in India

> It is managed by Catholic priests and offers dedicated matrimony services

> It helps the users to choose life partners as per profession and diocese

> This matrimony also offers services for NRIs

9. Community

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> Exclusive community-based platform meant for people who wish to get married within a particular community

> User-friendly interface that’s easy to access for any kind of user

> All the required features that you expect from a basis matrimony platform is there in the platform

> Security features of this platform are impeccable

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> Advanced analytics can be used to select a profile based on user preferences

> Advanced search profiles 

> Complete profile view of interesting profiles

> Seamless chat functionalities

> Professional assistance for premium members

11. Humsafar

15 Best Matrimony Sites In India

> The company was founded in the year 1997

> Highly attractive website

> Superior matchmaking experience

> Thousands of profiles in their database

12. Elite Matrimony

> Meant for people who are well-off

> They are 100% discreet and confidential

> The matches they offer are mostly handpicked after loads of Members of this platform are looking for people with a certain amount of wealth. So people who consider wealth aspects when it comes to marriage need to apply


> They have profiles of people from 3200+ cities

> Their packages are a bit costly and could be afforded by the elites

> They have good security features in verifying profiles and safeguarding their data

> Their personalized assistance and services are preferred by many


> Impeccable authentication and verification processes

> Matchmaking based on preferences as well as astrological preferences

> They have people who can conduct a proper investigation about profiles before taking it further

> Complete protection of user data has been provided

> Like-minded people can chat with each other


> Their services are absolutely free

> AI and Machine learning based matchmaking

> Offers a high level of privacy

> The website looks highly interactive

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To Wrap it up

When you search for the best matrimony sites in India, keep in mind that you choose the perfect one. It should have all the key features much needed for a matrimonial platform. I hope you will get what you really need to form this blog.