Rajasthani Marwari Wedding and its 20 Colorful Traditions and Rituals

15 Oct 2020

Rajasthan, the land of legends, is known for its special cultural traditions, especially for Rajasthani Royal Wedding celebrations. Rajasthani wedding celebrations are grand festivals that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the state. Even though there are many intriguing wedding traditions there, the Rajasthani Royal Weddings are ever enticing and high-spirited by all means.

The classic examples of Rajasthani weddings are the Rajput and Marwari wedding ceremonies that define the historical significance and the enduring traditions of these communities. Now, it’s time to brace yourself to know how Rajasthani Royal weddings differ from another community matrimonial.

Let’s see what the colorful traditions and rituals of Rajasthani Marwari weddings are

1. Bhaat Nyotanarajasthani weddingOne of the very first pre-wedding ceremonies associated with Marwari weddings in Rajasthan. The Marwari community mostly celebrates it. As part of this ritual, the bride and the groom send the wedding invitation to each other along with a few gift items. Besides, the families give each other assurance that they will continue the support for the upcoming wedding celebrations.

2. Nandi Ganesh Poojarajasthani wedding traditionLike in all other communities, the bride and the groom will offer their prayers to the Lord Ganesha for hassle-free and a glittering wedding function to happen. Both the bride and the groom will perform Nandi Ganesh Pooja separately before the wedding day. Since Lord Ganesha is considered the god of happiness who brings good omen, the Rajasthani people give prime importance to this ritual. You can find an idol of Lord Ganesha in most of the rituals associated with Rajsthani wedding ceremonies.

3. Raatri Jaga & Mudda Tikkarajasthani wedding ritualsThis ritual is performed to protect the couple against the evil forces. As part of this custom, holy symbols are painted on the walls. The groom’s family visits the bridal house, and both the parties exchange valuable gifts and sweet delicacies. The ring exchange ceremony is also held during this ritual.

4. Palla & Janevrajasthani weddingAnother charming ritual is the Palla and Janev, where the bride and the groom partake. As part of the Palla ceremony, the groom’s family visits the bridal house and gifts the bride a fabulous set of clothes and trendy jewels. The bride would be wearing all these on the wedding day. Meanwhile, in the Janev ceremony, the groom will be wearing a holy thread, also known as Janev. It is believed that the couple will have a happy and prosperous married life by wearing this thread.

5. Pithhi Dastoor rajasthani weddingThe Haldi ceremony is a captivating ritual performed as part of Marwari weddings where the bride and the groom will be smeared with a paste of sandalwood and turmeric. This will help them glow during the wedding ceremony. And after this ritual, the bride and the groom are not allowed to step out of their respective homes.

6. Mehndi Ceremonyrajasthani weddingThe Mehndi ceremony is believed to be auspicious not only for the bride but also for the groom. It is mandatory to apply Mehndi, and while doing so, you can come across some spectacular Mehndi designs that the brides opt for.

7. Tilak Ceremonyrajasthani marwari weddingThe Tilak ceremony signifies the official announcement of the Rajasthani Marwari wedding. This ritual is equivalent to the Roka ceremony. The men folks from the bridal house visit the groom, bearing gifts and sweets. The bride’s brother then put the Tilak on the forehead of the groom.

8. Telbaan marwari weddingDuring this ritual, the bride and the groom will have a ritualistic bath before getting ready for the marriage.

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9. Mehfil rajasthani weddingMehfil is a Marwari wedding custom in which the bride and the groom celebrate the Bachelorette party and Bachelor’s party separately. They will have a quality good time together enjoying Rajasthani folk music along with tasty food.

10. Thamb Poojarajasthani weddingThamb Pooja symbolically joins the foundation of the families of the bride and the groom. The priest from the groom’s side ritualistically performs special prayer and pooja for the bride’s home’s foundational pillars by chanting mantras. That’s the reason why this ritual is known as Thamb Pooja.

11. Ganpati Sthapanarajasthani weddingsWithout worshipping Lord Ganesha, Rajasthani weddings are not complete. On the wedding day, the bride, the groom, and their respective families offer prayer to Lord Ganesha to bring opulence to everyone’s life.

12. Nikasi rajasthani wedding ceremonyAs part of this ritual, the sister of the groom ties a holy golden thread around the groom’s head. After this, she would put a black mark using Kajal on the cheek of the groom to protect him from any nasty vibes. This ritual is mostly performed at the groom’s house two to three days before the actual wedding day.

13. Gharvarajasthani weddingMarwari weddings are so closely associated with religious practices and hence special prayers are held for the wedding to go smoothly without any hassle. Gharva is one such ritualistic practice where Goddess Parvati is worshipped. An idol of the Goddess is carried to the bride’s house and will adorn it with clothes and jewelry sent by the groom’s family.

14. Korathrajasthani weddingDuring this ritual, the elder members of the bride’s family along with the chief priest welcome the Baraat (the groom’s party). After receiving a warm welcome, the Baraat continues to the location of the ceremony.

15. Kanyadaanrajasthani weddingIn every Hindu marriage, Kanyadaan is a very important ritual where the bride’s father gives away his daughter to the groom. Before performing the ritual, the father first explains to the groom about their family lineage. After that, he would ask the groom whether he can take the responsibility for his daughter. The bride is also asked whether she is willing to accept the groom as her husband.

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16. Panigrahanrajasthani weddingPanigrahan is one of the most important rituals associated with Marwari weddings in Rajasthan. During this special ritual, the bride accepts the groom and takes all the responsibility. The parents of the bride give away their daughter to the groom and from that moment, he is responsible to take care of her. Since Rajasthani weddings signify the union of two souls, this ritual is of great significance.

17. Saptapadi rajasthani marwari weddingAfter other rituals, the couple starts rounding the holy fire seven times and this is known as Saptapadi. The couple performs the ritual chanting mantras together.

18. Aanjhala Bharairajasthani weddingThe most attractive tradition associated with a Marwari wedding is Aanjhala Bharai where the groom’s father puts a bag filled with expensive jewels and money on the lap of the bride. This happens while the couple performs other wedding rituals at the wedding venue. This act simply signifies that he has handed over the financial responsibilities pertaining to the house to his daughter-in-law.

19. Bahu Aagaman/Grihapraveshrajasthani weddingOnce all the rituals are over, the bride is taken to the groom’s house where she is welcomed by the groom’s family. At first, her sister-in-law welcomes her by presenting the bride’s sweets and gifts. Then comes the groom’s aunt who performs Aarti as a gesture of auspiciousness. The elders then assist the couple to light a lamp in the house.

20. Pag PheraPag-PheraTwo days after the wedding, the couple visits the bride’s house where they are warmly welcomed. The bride’s family bestows the couple with valuable gifts. Then comes an extended feast where the couple enjoys the traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

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