How to Plan an Intimate Wedding at Home

15 Sep 2020

When you think about wedding ceremonies, what comes first in your mind?

Of course, it would be that massive venue where you witness a grand wedding celebration accompanied by extended buffet spreads and vibrant moments.

However, things have changed now.

Are we bidding adieu to the so-called grand wedding ceremonies?  As this pandemic goes more ‘viral’, we are restricted to celebrate most of the marriage occasions at homes. Instead of smiling faces, we are allowed to see only the mask-covered faces. To plan your big day has now become a big deal as well. You have to make it simple. Here is your guide to plan an intimate wedding at home.

(1) Invite only Close Relativeswedding at home

Remember it is a 50-guest wedding and hence you are not supposed to invite as mush guests as you can.

It’s better to have only closed ones to add more charm to the occasion. You can rely on the live webcast to help your distant relatives to watch your intimate wedding.

Let them enjoy it live, digitally. Thematically set video invitations would be a better idea which can be the trend in the upcoming years.

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(2) Use Social Media to invitewedding at home

You all know the situation. So, make use of social media platforms to invite those you want to be present on your wedding day. When it comes to close relatives, you can just ring them up and invite them.

(3) Create an Independent guest listwedding at home

Like said above, it’s a 50 -guest wedding ceremony, but if you don’t want to miss some one for special occasions, there is an idea. Just create a different guest list. For instance, if you want to have the Mehndi ceremony, the bride can make it an event only for ladies. Likewise, you can create separate list for separate functions, only if you need such ceremonies.

(4) The Décor – You can do it wellwedding at home

And it’s the time for you to show your creative talent. That tinge of the creative aspect can create wonders whole you decorate your intimate wedding venue.

Set the backdrop with all the available DIY props. Keep in mind that it’s your home and when you adorn the nook and corner be sure that it’s elegant in every aspect.

Maybe there are only 50 guests, but you should make them surprised with your artistic flair. And yes, you can also design personalized masks to wear during the wedding ceremony.

Place sanitizers in beautiful and well-designed bottles so that you can present them as gifts to the guests.

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(5) Divide your home into different hosting zoneswedding at home

Since the wedding is going to happen at your home, you can think of dividing the celebration zones. You can use different zones for different events. Spare the best place to design the venue so that it would offer a rather different kind of elegance during the ceremony.

(6) Better to avoid physical giftswedding at home

It’s better to avoid physical gifts. Update this while you invite the guests. Make them feel comfortable by letting them know that you only need their blessings.

(7) Arrange tables in a safe distancewedding at home

As you all know this is a time of social distancing, arrange separate seating for the invitees. It would be better if you can arrange a separate section for the elder people so that they can keep a safe distance from others and enjoy your wedding.

(8) Wedding Attire – keep it simplewedding at home

It’s better to keep it light and simple. Let happiness be your prime choice than the accessories you wear.

Chances are there you may not that fine opportunity to have a deep shopping as part of your wedding.

You have to get adjusted to the present situation. Hence, opt for the best place to shop where you get whatever you need to be an elegant bride or groom. Also, it would be better to wear simple designer jewelry rather than opting for intricate design patterns (Well, it depends upon personal preferences).

(9) Dance as much as you canwedding at home

Nobody will ever restrict you from dancing and singing to make your intimate wedding ceremony lively. Hire an audio system and put your favorite playlists. When the invitees to join the party, it will make your day special.

(10) Serve Quality instead of Quantitywedding at home

You don’t have to set up too much food as there are very few guests. Focus on the quality of food rather than its quantity. While serving the food, make sure that the servers are geared up with much-needed amenities like gloves, shields, and masks among others. It would be better to avoid stay counters. And it is also better to offer only two or three cuisines as preparing too many dishes needs more cooks which may lead to further chaos.

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