17 Interesting Ways to Plan a Perfect Budget Wedding in India

08 Aug 2020

How to Plan a Perfect budget wedding in India?

It’s your dream to celebrate the wedding day with all its splendor. Planning your wedding is truly amazing as you will imagine high forgetting the expenses during the wedding ceremony. In fact, the planning starts right from the time when you find your partner either from the best matrimony sites in India or through some other means. However, you stick only on the flamboyance offered by the marriage and would never exactly think about the money required to celebrate the wedding ceremony. If planned properly, you can have an impressive wedding celebration without spending too much.

Here are  17 interesting ways to plan a perfect budget wedding in India. Check out how.

List out your Financial Draft Plan your Rituals Create a Guestlist Date of the Wedding The Wedding Venue
Learn the Art of Shopping Jewelry Shopping Less Designer Décor Cut Short the Events Use Fewer Flowers
Delicious yet Affordable Catering Use Own Properties Advance Planning Helps Wedding Photography Arrange your Priority List
Believe your Own Creativity Plan Post-Wedding Things
  1. List out your Financial Draft

budget wedding

The very first thing during any event is of course the finance. To make it a better party, you should have enough funds. Arranging the much-needed things for the wedding is not an easy task. It requires time, space and money. So, let us draft the financial situation before deciding how the wedding should be.

Most of the matrimony sites in India would enquire your financial planning so that they will manage things it if you are interested. However, when you draft, you have to consider the post-wedding expenses as well.

  1. Plan your Rituals

budget wedding

Once the marriage is fixed, people often plan the rituals to be celebrated, mostly as part of their cultural traditions. It is appliable in Hindu weddings, Christian weddings, and Muslim weddings. In fact, some of the wedding rituals are unnecessary and can easily be avoided as they may not require much cultural significance. In such cases, you can evade such events in order to celebrate the function in a budgeted way.

  1. Create a Guestlist

budget wedding

It’s important to list out the guests whom you are going to invite for your wedding ceremony. If you are out of money, keep the guest list to the bare minimum. Here the number never matters. You think whether you need to invite 500 guests or 100 guests. That means try to invite only the guests who you think are essential for you. The higher the guests, the higher the costs. Keep it in mind. Make it a budget wedding.

  1. Date of the Wedding

budget wedding

Usually, marriages are fixed before any festive season and people often get married during such seasons. Keep your wedding costs down by getting married during any off-season. It’s because all the wedding-related costs come down during the off-season that helps you save some money.

  1. The Wedding Venue

budget wedding

When you choose the wedding venue, try to opt for the one which is closer to your home. This will help you save a lot of your earnings as there is no need for you to rent cars, buses, and other modes of transportation. You have the option to choose the venue near your home on the best matrimonial sites in India. They will help you hire the best banquet halls, community halls, and other venues.

  1. Learn the Art of Shopping

budget wedding

There are a lot of miscellaneous things to buy during the marriage ceremony and you need enough money for the same. However, if you know how to bargain while purchasing, you can save a lot of money. Never choose a single shop to purchase wedding-related goods. Compare the price and get the best quality products from the shops that give you the best reduction. If possible, go for an off-season purchase.

  1. Jewelry Shopping

budget wedding

In fact, shopping the jewels is not like the shopping we mentioned earlier. It is something different. To buy jewels, be it gold, platinum, or diamond, is something to be done carefully as it is one of the costliest affairs during the wedding occasion. While buying gold, you should be creative as well as cautious. The ornaments you purchase should be pure yet affordable. Try to buy the jewels from ordinary outlets rather than any exclusive outlets as it helps reduce your cost. Moreover, try to wear tradition jewels which you inherited.

  1. Less Designer Décor

budget wedding

Nowadays, couples would demand creative designs where they get married. Youngsters mostly prefer designer décor which would cost high, considering the innovation it provides. However, it is good to keep things simple. Just think that the expensive designs are just momentary. Just opt for a neat, simple, and elegant design that may draw the attention of the guests.

  1. Cut Short the Events

budget wedding

As part of wedding ceremonies, people often consider several events including music and dance. Let us keep it simple. While you keep adding on the events, the cost will increase, making the wedding ceremony very expensive. Have limitless fun with limited events. Matrimonial websites in India guide you through the best event makers who provide you with the best services, even at homes.

  1. Use Fewer Flowers

budget wedding

There is no wedding without flowers. It is the first choice of any wedding décor. However, in most of the weddings, flowers are wasted. People often order more flowers than needed and are not used properly, resulting in the wastage of flowers.

You can have a budget wedding if the flowers are ordered and used properly, you can reduce the cost. While decorating the dais where the couple gets married, never use too many flowers. Instead, make it simple.

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  1. Delicious yet Affordable Catering

budget wedding

Even though the food didn’t come first during wedding occasions, it is an important feature that can’t be avoided. Hence there is no compromise here. It’s a matter of your reputation as well. From appetizer to the pudding, the food you offer must be delicious. Better choose the best catering people in the city at affordable prices. There are event management teams who can take your order and serve it sensibly.

  1. Use Own Properties

Use own properties

When it comes to marriages, youngsters make it an unforgettable celebration by adding more charm, especially in the form of dance and music. It happens mostly during the reception. On such occasions, try to use your own speakers and other related properties rather than relying on hired ones. Make a playlist, be your own DJ and rock the party with family and friends.

  1. Advance Planning Helps

wedding budget

When you are on the track of the wedding, plan everything in advance. Book which all vendors you want. A last-minute hurry may cost you high. Better choose your best caterer, venue, photographer, and more months before the wedding day. Moreover, chances are their good vendors may not be available if you are trying them during the last minutes.

  1. Wedding Photography

wedding budget

Can you imagine a wedding without photography? What people often think today is how to make their wedding a flamboyant affair. And the best part is nothing but wedding photography. If it was just a few clicks during olden days, it has now become an exclusive photoshoot, including save the date along with the pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. However, the tremendous photoshoot is too costly that a normal couple can’t afford. But yes, there are teams who are worth our budget wedding. Choose them and act well.

  1. Arrange your Priority List

wedding budget

Do things in order. Never try to make any random arrangements. Pick the things which you consider as very important. Prioritizing things may help you control the financial activities easily.

  1. Believe your Own Creativity

wedding budget

If it was considered a ritual to invite your friends and relatives for the marriage through wedding cards, it is not anymore now. People spend too much money to print different kinds of cards during the wedding. Interestingly, all those rituals have gone digital now. Youngsters have started designing cards with their creative intelligence. After designing the card, they post it online, especially on social media platforms from which their friends and relatives get to know about the marriage. This really helps to save a lot of money thus saving your budget for the wedding.

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  1. Plan Post-Wedding Things

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After the wedding ceremony, there are certain post-wedding things that you can’t avoid. One such important thing is the honeymoon. Discuss with your partner about the destination long before the wedding date and once fixed, book your pick. In fact, the location need not be a super-luxury resort at the most sought-after destination. Instead, choose a beautiful destination that makes you happy and lets you sit back and enjoy. Though a normal destination, the presence of your partner makes it a special one.

While you plan your wedding, you must have an idea about how to organize the celebration with a minimal budget for the wedding. Make sure that the list you prepare didn’t miss any important aspect. Now keep calm and enjoy your wedding.