Marathi Wedding: Rituals, Customs and Traditions (Maharashtrian Wedding)

21 Oct 2020

Marathi wedding, most commonly Maharashtrian weddings, are classic examples of simple yet unique marriage ceremonies where the cultural traditions are celebrated with much gaiety and fervor. Most of the Indian weddings are remarkably extravagant with lots of splendor. However, Maharashtrian weddings are exceptional, helping you bring the joy of life in a very simple manner.

You can savor the cultural traditions and ritualistic practices that keep you elated while beholding the minimalist and lively Marathi wedding celebrations. Let us check the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rituals associated with Marathi weddings.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Sakhar Pudamarathi marriage

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Sakhar Puda is the ring ceremony or the engagement ceremony, mostly happening a few days before the wedding day. This occasion is also a gathering of both the families as the groom’s family gifts the bride’s clothes, a box full of sweets and jewelry. The ring exchange happens after this event, where only families will be present. 

Kelvanmarathi wedding

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During this Maharashtrian wedding ritual, the bride and groom’s families take an auspicious time to offer their prayers to their family deities. This is basically done to seek the blessings from the almighty. The ritual is performed two to three days before the wedding. After the ritual, an extended feast is organized for all the guests.

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Halad Chadavanemaratha wedding

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Marathi wedding rituals are no different from other Indian weddings. For instance, Halad Chadavane is a special ritual where the bride and groom get smeared with turmeric paste. This is the Maharashtrian version of the Haldi ceremony in which the turmeric paste is smeared on the forehead, hands, knees, and feet of the bride and the groom.

Wedding Rituals

Punyavchanmaratha wedding

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The Marathi marriage begins with Ganesh Puja, where Lord Ganesha is worshipped when the bride reaches the wedding venue. This is when the elders from her family bless her as per the request of her parents.

Seemant Pujamarathi wedding

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In this Maratha wedding ritual, the groom is welcomed by the bride’s family at the venue. The groom arrives along with a procession and the bride’s mother washes his feet as part of this ritual. After this, the groom is given valuable gifts by the bride’s family.

Gaurihar Pujamaratha wedding

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During this Maharashtrian wedding ritual, the bride offers prayers to Goddess Parvati. She performs the puja and her parents and chants mantras in front of the idol of the goddess placed in the wedding venue. She will be draped in a yellow saree, and a Mundavalya (a kind of string) is tied across her forehead. 

Antarpatmarathi wedding

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The groom waits for the bride at the mandap, and a silk shawl is hung in front of him. This is done to block his view because the bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other till the puja ends. This ritual is called Antarpat, and it is removed only after the priest finishes chanting mantras.

Sankalpmaratha wedding

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The Marathi wedding’s Sankalp ceremony is similar to the Jaimala ceremony, where the bride and the groom exchange garlands. The couple can choose flowers as per their choice. Once the couple exchanges the garlands, the friends and the family start showering flowers and rice on them. This symbolically represents that the entire family has accepted the couple as husband and wife.

Kanyaadanmaratha wedding

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The most touching ritual during Maratha’s wedding is Kanyaadan, in which the father of the bride gives away his daughter to the groom. He bestows the couple with blessings, and the groom promises him that he will look after and care for his daughter without any fail.

Lajahomamarathi weddin rituals

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As part of this Marathi wedding ritual, the groom chants three mantras repeatedly, and the bride and her father inaudibly chant the fourth mantra. A turmeric thread is tied on the forehead of the groom by the bride’s parents. The groom then finishes the ritual by tying a sacred thread (Mangasutra) on the bride’s neck.

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Saptapadimaratha weddings

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This is the final ritual performed during Maharashtrian weddings. After the groom ties the Mangalsutra on the bride’s neck, they together start walking around the holy fire seven times. While walking, the bride is supposed to touch the betel nuts placed on the venue with her foot. After finishing the rounds, the groom holds the bride’s hand while she places her foot on a grindstone. This act signifies that her husband will support her for a lifetime.

Post-Wedding Rituals

Varatmaharashtrian wedding

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This is the most sentimental ceremony during a Maratha marriage. The bride bids farewell to her family while leaving for her new house.

Grihapraveshmarathi wedding

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The couple reaches the home after marriage, and the groom’s mother performs aarti. The bride, before entering the house, puts down a bowl filled with rice with her feet. The bride is then introduced to the relatives by the groom.

Receptionmarathi weddings

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The Marathi wedding ceremony ends with a grand reception hosted by the groom’s family. Many guests, including family and friends, are invited to the party to bless the newlywed. There will be dance, music, and a grand feast with traditional Maharashtrian dishes.

Like said earlier, Indian weddings are culturally significant celebrations that the people enjoy to the fullest. Marathi weddings hold many significant rituals performed in a simple way that shows the diverse culture of the people of Maharashtra. If you want to have a grand Maharashtrian wedding, find your Maratha partner from, the best matrimonial site in India. Register for free and start your search now.