10 Reasons Why Married Men Flirt with Women

24 Apr 2024

Marriage is a labyrinth of emotions and experiences. Each person has a different experience of his journey of marriage. Marriage is also associated with many challenges and breakdowns and sometimes partners choose decisions that can harm their marriage. For example, married men can flirt with other women. Today we will explore some of the reasons why married men flirt with women.

The Thrill of Doing Something New

Craving Excitement: Sometimes, married men want more excitement in their lives. So, they flirt to feel the thrill of something different. It happens when they want a little adventure to run away from their normal routine.

Escaping Routine: Flirting is like taking a break from the everyday routine of marriage. It is a way for men to have a bit of fun and excitement. For this fun, married men escape from the usual routine and flirt with other women.

Lack of Attention

Yearning for Recognition: When a married man wants recognition or acknowledgment but does not get it from his wife, he may start flirting with another woman to get attention. He likes it when other wants to notice and appreciate him.

Unmet Desires: Sometimes things do not happen as a man wishes and he may start to flirt with other women. In this way, married men fulfill those desires too that are not being met by their wives.

Inspiring Ego

Need for External Validation: Sometimes, a married man wants others to tell him he is great or attractive. Flirting can be a way for a married man to get this validation from outside his marriage. They do that because they feel their confidence is improving.

Escape from Insecurities: When a man feels insecure or not confident within himself, his flirting becomes a way to avoid those insecurities. They look for reassurance from others to feel better about themselves.

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Communication Gap

Filling the Silence: If there is a heavy silence or distance in communication between husband and wife, then a man gets a chance to flirt with another woman. A married man uses external connections to fill the gaps that his wife has not filled.

Seeking Emotional Connection: When the emotional bond in a marriage becomes weak, a man might seek connection through flirting. It becomes a way to find emotional closeness that might be missing at home.

Seeking Validation

Affirmation of Self-Worth: Flirting can be a way for a married man to hear others say he is important to them and valuable. He looks for confirmation that he matters and is worthy of attention no matter where he is.

Reinforcement of Identity: When a man wants to feel more like himself, flirting can help. It becomes a way to reinforce his identity and remind himself of who he is.

Midlife Crisis

Recapturing Youth: During a midlife crisis, a man might flirt to feel young again. Married man enjoys the rush of that energy and excitement from their life when he was younger.

Fear of Aging: The fear of getting older can drive a man to flirt. It becomes a way to push back against the passage of time. Married man sometimes has a fear of aging and starts to do things to manage their stress.

Emotional Disconnect

Growing Apart: When the emotional connection becomes weak between husband and wife, the married man starts to flirt. In such marriages, the couple moves in different directions emotionally and struggles with their lives.

Loss of Intimacy: If the closeness and intimacy in a marriage fade away, a man might turn to flirting. It becomes a way to find a sense of connection and intimacy that is missing in his married life.


Fear of Rejection: When a man is afraid that his partner might reject him, he might flirt. A married man may need approval from outside the marriage to avoid the fear of being rejected.

Inferiority Complex: Feelings of not being good enough can lead to many problems such as flirting outside the marriage. It becomes a way for a man to cope with an inferiority complex and look for validation from others to overcome self-doubt.

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External Influences

Societal Pressures: Outside pressures from society can affect the behavior of a man and he may go for unusual activities like flirting. Some married men influence their society and start to do activities of the outside world but it affects the actions within the marriage.

Forced by Habit

Red Flag: When flirting becomes a habit, it is a warning sign. It is like a red flag indicating that the behavior might be influenced by the negative patterns within the individual.

Bad Company: Sometimes, the company a man keeps can influence his actions. If a married man is surrounded by people who encourage flirtatious behavior, it becomes a habit.


While exploring these 10 reasons provides valuable information but every marriage is unique. Open communication is the key to understanding and resolving these underlying issues which promotes a stronger, more eternal connection.

Q: Is flirting always a sign of a troubled marriage?

A: Flirting can indicate underlying issues, but it’s not always a sign of a troubled marriage. Communication can find out the cause.

Q: Can flirting outside the marriage be harmless? 

A: The harmlessness depends on established boundaries within the marriage. Usually, it is considered disloyal to a partner when a married man flirts outside the marriage.

Q: How can couples resolve the problems of flirting in their marriage?

A: Honest conversations, couples therapy, and a deep understanding of each other’s needs can be a way to strengthen the bonds.