Brahmin Wedding Rituals: Interesting & Fun-Filled

04 Jun 2020

Hindu weddings are mostly vibrant celebrations and Brahmin wedding rituals are no different. When compared with other Hindu wedding ceremonies, Brahmin weddings are little austere in nature. Relying completely on Hinduism, Brahmin marriages are filled with chants and prayers wherein the brides and the grooms participate and seek blessings from the almighty.

To be precise, brahmin marriages are not just a celebration, but a set of ritualistic practices based on Hinduism with underlying meanings. Though ancient and conventional, Brahmin wedding is still fresh as people often celebrate the wedding rituals traditionally. Let us have a look on what we can expect from a Brahmin wedding.

What are the Interesting Brahmin Wedding Rituals?

1. Siddhant Ceremony: The Beginning

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One of the prime brahmin wedding rituals, Siddhant ceremony happens before the Brahmin matrimony function. This ritual is associated with the approval of the union of the bride and the groom.

The Panikar or the registrar approves the wedding and before that he visits the priest. This is to emphasize how important it is to seek the blessings of God during the ceremony. Once the priest approves the marriage, the wedding date is fixed.

2. Nischayathambulam: The Engagement

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Brahmin families name the engagement ceremony as Nischayathambulam. The Brahmin bride and the groom exchange the rings in front of their family members to conceal their vows to marry each other.

This is in fact the official announcement of the Brahmin matrimony ceremony. Since the Brahmin community often prefer a gap between the engagement and the wedding, this function is celebrated just after the Siddhant ceremony.

3. Naandi Pooja Ritual: Thanking Ceremony

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Ten days before the marriage, both the families of the bride and the groom throng either at their respective homes or at temples to perform special prayer sessions known to be the Naandi Pooja.

The primary intention of this ritual is to seek the blessings from God. This is also the happiest get together which the families celebrate. The Brahmin matrimony bride and the groom will be dressed in simple attire and may not wear enough jewelry as well.

4. Yadur Kansai Ceremony: Be Close to In-Laws

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This is one fine ritual where the bonding between the families strengthens. During the ceremony, the females of both families build a strong relationship with each other.

The party is hosted by the bride’s side. The women from the bride’s family welcome the women of the groom’s family with haldi and Kumkum and by sprinkling the rose water on the guests.

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5. Uradha-moorthu Ceremony: Confirming Prosperity

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One of the most important rituals, Uradha-moorthu ceremony brings the much-needed bond between the bride and the groom.

The Brahmin bride and the Brahmin groom together grind the moong dal on a stone as part of this ritual. They perform this with the help of the bride’s unmarried cousins and sisters.

6. Mehndi Ceremony: Designing Happiness

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Brahmin weddings are known for their vibrance and yes, the mehndi ceremony is one such lively celebration conducted a day before the wedding. This is one of the most fun-filled rituals of Brahmin marriage.

The family members of the bride and the groom apply mehndi on their hands during the day. The bride will be applied special mehndi designs on her hands and feet. As an auspicious occasion, the mehndi ceremony will also have songs and dance on the traditional folk songs.

7. Haldi Ceremony: The Colour of Good Fortune

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On the wedding day morning, the lady members of the bride’s family gather to apply Haldi (turmeric) paste on the face, hands and feet of the bride.

This is considered as one of the auspicious occasions during Brahmin wedding ceremonies. The same function is held t the groom’s place as well.

8. Welcoming the Groom

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Well, the official Brahmin marriage ceremony starts from welcoming the groom to the wedding venue.

As the Brahmin groom enters, the females of the bride’s family greet him while the bride’s friend welcomes the groom with a sandal paste. Once the groom completes the ceremonial bath, he then wears the wedding attire.

9. Gauri Pooja: Bringing Auspiciousness

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During this ceremony, the Brahmin bride offers special prayer session to goddess Gauri, placed on a platter having rice and vermillion.

The bride offers prayers to the Goddess seeking the blessings to have a happy married life.

10. Wedding Ceremony: That Special Moment

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The most vital ritual associated with the Brahmin matrimonial ceremony is the wedding itself. On this occasion, the bride and groom sit together in front of the holy fire where the priest chant holy mantras.

The father of the bride places his daughter’s hand on the groom’s hand, expecting that his son-in-law will take care of her daughter in the future.

11. Saptapada Ritual: Moving Around Holy Fire

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As part of this ritual, the Brahmin bride and the Brahmin groom move around the holy fire set on the wedding venue. Once the seven rounds are completed, the groom ties the mangalsutra around the neck of the bride and applies the vermillion on her forehead.

12. Brahmin Matrimony and Happy Weddings

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Got an idea about the rich and traditional Brahmin wedding rituals, right?

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