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Christian Wedding Ceremony: A Complete Planning guide


Christian Wedding: All You Need to Know

19 May 2020

Christian weddings are simple, short, and sweet. Filled with fun and celebrations, Christian marriages happen to be an auspicious ceremony preordained by God. These marriage ceremonies signify the long and enduring cultural traditions of the Christian community with all its splendor. The roots of Christian marriages are believed to have come from Jewish tradition. As usual, Christian marriages are fixed by the parents of the bride and the groom. Once the marriage is fixed there are certain pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding ceremonies. The richness in the rituals is so fascinating that you would enjoy to the fullest. Come; let’s have a tour of some of the most charming Christian wedding rituals.

Pre-wedding Rituals

(1) Aachaarakalyanam

christian wedding

Christian marriages begin with “Aachaarakalyanam. This traditional ritual is celebrated together by the bride’s and the groom’s family. The elder people from the families will fix the date of the marriage during this function.

(2) Engagement (Manasammatham)

Christian weddingEngagement (Manasammatham)

The engagement ceremony is celebrated to officially declare the marriage. The ceremony is well known as ‘Manasammatham’ in Kerala where the family of both the bride and the groom host a party to announce the wedding to other family members and friends.

During the function, the head priest asks the consent of the bride and the groom to know whether both of them are willing to get married.

(3) Bridal Shower

Christian wedding bridal shower

This ritual is exclusively for the bride and interestingly only ladies are allowed. The guests bring precious gifts and they are showered on the bride to make her happy as she is all set to start her new life. Lots of funny tasks are also performed during the function.

(4) Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Christian wedding Bachelorette Party

Bachelor party as the name refers is thrown for the groom by his friends. It is to celebrate the last days of the groom as a bachelor. It is a fun filled party celebrated with drinks, music and dance. Meanwhile the bride also celebrates the same, but rarely. It is the wildest form of bridal shower.

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(5) The Roce Ceremony/Haldi Ceremony

Christian wedding haldi

This is one of the funny rituals performed as part of Christian wedding. This ritual is somewhat similar to the haldi ceremony performed during Hindu wedding ceremonies. During the ritual, turmeric paste or coconut paste is applied to the couple by all the relatives invited to the function.

Wedding Rituals

(1) Sthuthi Cholluka (Prayer session)

Christian wedding Sthuthi Cholluka (Prayer session)

Christian weddings are closely associated with divinity and hence each and every Christian ceremony is celebrated with a prayer session. During the wedding day also, a prayer session is conducted and it happens before the bride and the groom enters the church.

(2) Entry of the Bride

Christian wedding Entry of the Bride

On the wedding day, the first ritual is the bride’s entrance. She will be entered in a car accompanied by friends and relatives. Once the bride enters the venue, her father escorts her and takes her to the groom.

(3) Exchange of Vows

Christian wedding Exchange of Vows

During the ritual, the bride and the groom together read the wedding vows and they write the vows on their own. These vows are considered as the promise that the bride, as well as the groom, recite each other.

(4) Minnukettu (Tying the knot)

Christian wedding Minnukettu (Tying the knot)

It is the most auspicious moment during Christian Wedding. Like the Thalikettu in Hindu Marriages, here it is Minnukettu. The bride, groom and their family and friends stand in front of the altar. The groom ties the sacred knot around the bride’s neck while the head priest blesses the couple chanting prayers. A grand feast is served then with traditional as well as delicious dishes.

(5) Bouquet Toss

Christian wedding Bouquet Toss by bride

While the couple comes out from the church after the ceremony, the bride tosses her bouquet backwards. This is a fun-filled moment as it is believed that the woman who grabs the bouquet will be the next to get married (oh yes, only if she is an unmarried woman)

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Post-wedding Rituals

(1) Reception

Christian wedding reception

Once the wedding is over, a grand reception is being organized either at groom’s place or at any other venue. During the reception, the bride and the groom perform their ‘first dance’ as husband and wife.

After that, they will together cut the wedding cake. Friends and relatives shower showy gifts to the newlywed couple.

A grand dinner is followed where the guests will be served special and delicious dishes. The occasion is celebrated with lots of fun, music and dance.

Bridal Attire for the Christian wedding

Bridal Attire for the Christian wedding

Normally, Christian brides wear a cream saree in different colors or patterns. She will be adorned with trendy and stylish gold ornaments. Trends have changed and now brides have started a long white wedding gown.

Groom’s Attire for the Christian wedding

Groom’s Attire for the Christian wedding

On the wedding day, the groom wears either a white kurta or a dark formal suit with a white shirt inside the suit.


The party is not over yet. Next time when you attend a Christian marriage, never miss any of these rituals as it gives you much pleasure and happiness.