Sep 2020

Ezhava Wedding Rituals and Traditions: Important Things to remember

When it comes to Ezhava wedding, there are various ritualistic traditions associated with the ceremony, which in turn emphasizes the significance of age-old traditions of the Hindu community. As we all know...

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Aug 2020

Nair Wedding in Kerala: Famous Customs and Rituals

Nair wedding are composed of varied customs and rituals which highlights the cultural traditions that the Nair community pursues during the wedding ceremonies. Over the years, the rituals have changed, addi...

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Jun 2020

Brahmin Wedding Rituals: Interesting & Fun-Filled

Hindu weddings are mostly vibrant celebrations and Brahmin wedding rituals are no different. When compared with other Hindu wedding ceremonies, Brahmin weddings are little austere in nature. Relying completely...

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May 2020

Tamil Wedding Rituals that Makes the Wedding Ceremony So unique

Tamil Wedding is said to be one of the most vibrant ceremonies with lots of fun-filled and lighter moments. The cultural and traditional rituals of Tamil wedding emphasize the legacy of the Tamil community. ...

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May 2020

Christian Wedding: All You Need to Know

Christian weddings are simple, short, and sweet. Filled with fun and celebrations, Christian marriages happen to be an auspicious ceremony preordained by God. These marriage ceremonies signify the long and end...

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May 2020

Muslim Wedding: 16 Nikah Rituals and Traditions You should Know about

Indian weddings are known for their flamboyance, traditionally connected with enduring yet variable rituals celebrated by different communities across the world. Among them, Muslim Weddings show the vibrance f...

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